Telling your friends that you’ve been under the ocean will really not make for a very interesting story these days. This is because obviously, anyone can do this, and that it’s very easy to turn into a reality. However, telling your friends that you’ve DINED underwater is another story.


Eating under the ocean is possible in Ithaa (which means “pearl” or “mother of pearl”), an undersea restaurant. This acrylic restaurant at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island in Rangalifinolhu, Maldives is where you can literally be underwater while you enjoy some of the fanciest meals you’ll ever get to have.

There are already many water-themed restaurants all over the world, most of them having huge aquariums in the room. This place, however, is literally underwater—five metres below sea level.

The Maldives in known for its breathtaking beaches, and the Ithaa Restaurant is definitely one of the best spots where you could experience it. Aside from having 270-degrees of panoramic views of fish and coral reef, you will also get to enjoy amazing food, which is Maldivian cuisine with twists such as European flavors.

A New Zealand design consultancy is one of the groups that made this place happen. The walls and the roof are acrylic and the transparent arch enveloped the whole room. This project was part of the rebuilding of Rangalifinolhu Island, one of the two islands of the Hilton Maldives Resort and Spa.

From the over-water Sunset Grill Restaurant, diners of the Ithaa undersea restaurant will be led to a descending spiral staircase. When you get to the restaurant, you will be served an a la carte menu and some of the finest wines from the Champagne house Louis Roederer.

Since you’re in an underwater restaurant, expect your bill to me a bit more expensive than the usual restaurant in the city. Lunch costs about $120-$250, and dinner could reach up to more or less $250. This place can only accommodate 14 people, so intimacy, privacy and exclusivity are most definitely assured.


This is a place that is best for the most special occasions such as proposals, weddings, or any other life-changing moment. If you have enough money to spare, you can also do this just for the heck of it, or just to have an restaurant street cred that is surely not possessed by all foodies (or anyone, for that matter). You must know, however, that this Maldives underwater restaurant is expected to live for about 20 years, so you better start saving now if you wish to have a dining experience like no other, as you may be running out of time.


This is a place that’s already been included in many people’s things to experience before they die, and just by looking at the photos, you can already tell why—because you know what’s so much better that swimming under the ocean? Dining under it, that’s what.

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