For a lovely trip, we were in Athens with my mum. We had a great trip and also made so much shopping that my dad went crazy. My mum is so keen on jewellery especially gold, the most expensive one!

Many people believe that gold is cheap in Greece but it is not that way. Gold is the same price everywhere. However, labour in Greece is cheaper and there are amazing bargains to be found if you can find out where to look.

We liked a store called Byzantino in Plaka district. The store’s work is so good and also inexpensive that my mum loved it. If you are a lover of Gold jewellery, you should not buy anything till you see Byzantino’s jewelleries. You can ask me why of the many many of jewellery stores in Athens and also the islands I picked this one in Plaka. The answer is simple. Much of the jewellery you find in the stores come from workshops and are bought wholesale. Byzantino is owned by the craftsmen who make the jewellery and if there are better jewellers in Athens, we didn’t see them. Because they make the jewellery and do not have to buy it from a wholesaler, their prices are cheaper since their costs are lower because they have no middle-man. You are buying from the artists themselves. They also stand behind all their work because it is their own work. But if you would like even more of a reason to go there to see their jewellery, look no further then Kosta, the most interesting and knowledgeable man on the planet. You can ask him anything about music, philosophy, science and yes, even jewellery, and he will give you an explanation with charts and diagrams that will make a strange world suddenly make sense.  I am not know much about jewellery but my mum surely does and I have to drag her out of Byzantino on a regular basis before she spends all her money.

We learned that the Olympic Committee of Greece employed Byzantino to make a  line of jewellery that  was shown at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games in Australia in Sydney, worn on women, all hand made museum pieces. The women were lighting the flames wearing the original Greek togas. This was shown world-wide and this is a special honour since Byzantino was chosen to make  these pieces instead of the more famous designers. It was something to be proud of for the artists at Byzantino.

Around the Byzantino, there are many stores but be sure to go Byzantino. I remember an ice cream shop right next to the store. You can also learn the best restaurants in Athens from the artists at Byzantino.

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