I think Kyrenia is the most beautiful place in Cyprus. After 3 hours on ferry, I and my boyfriend arrived at Kyrenia. We had booked our rooms in the Riverside Holiday Village Hotel in advance. It was a nice hotel to stay.

We liked it immediately. There were lots of places that we wanted to see, so we began sightseeing at once. We first went to the Shipwreck museum, because my boyfriend is very interested in museums. I like museums, too, but this museum was very different. It exhibited shipwrecks and it was very interesting to see that once giant and brand new ships became just garbage. We also saw the oldest ship in the world there. It is said to be about 2400 years old! We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw it. After the museum, we decided to go to an open space to enjoy ourselves, so we went to the Kyrenia Harbour. It was marvelous to see it. When we climbed to the hill where the Kyrenia Castle was situated, we realized that the harbour could be seen from there, too. It was a very nice  scene and we had some romantic minutes while watching it, so the harbour has always been very special for us.

After climbing to the hill, we returned to our hotel to have some rest. I was sad to be going back to the hotel, but I made my poor boyfriend promise that we would go to a bar or cafe to enjoy ourselves at night. We thought about a suitable place. Because we valued the harbour, we wanted to go somewhere close to it. Cafe 34 just met our needs. It is so close to the harbour and it has romance in the air. We sat near a window and watched the peaceful harbour. It was raining outside. There was a soft music and in such a calm atmospehere guess what happened! My boyfriend offered me marriage! That was four years ago and we go to Kyrenia on our wedding anniversaries since.

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