If you’re outdoorsy and is a big nature-lover, you’ll definitely love Bieszczady National Park in Poland. Established back in 1973, the park features 292.02 square kilometers of lush greens, interesting wildlife and other natural attractions including the Bieszczady Mountains. Since 1992, the park has been declared part of World Biosphere Reserves.

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Here are some of the things that await you in the park:

Natural Attractions

If you’ve come to the park to see bucketloads of incredible scenery and take in the exceptional beauty of nature, you definitely won’t be disappointed. Here you’ll get to see endless greens and crystal clear waters. The extensive meadows and mountain pastures are simply unmatched. The area is ideal for hiking and landscape photography, and the hikers here get to taste the żentyca which is a local drink made of fermented sheep milk and a piece of sheep’s milk cheese in a shepherd’s hut.

Rich Forests

Majority of the park is a forest, so you’ll find loads of different kinds of vegetation here. Among the trees you’ll find here are sycamore, fir, beechwood, billberry, cowberry and more.


The park also treats you to sights of amazing wildlife creatures. Especially abundant here are large mammals such as lynx, wolves, bears, and European bison. Other animals include golden eagle, Honey buzzard and eagle owl. The unique Hucul horses are the special attraction for visitors here.

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