I was recently told that I was going to be going to the Island of Mallorca for my annual weeks holiday at the end of September.. I was excited and just thought that Mallorca was another Island off the coast of Spain… This then developed into full blown shock when the flight landed at the Island of Majorca… My first reaction was that we had boarded the wrong plane it was then made clear to me that Mallorca was the Spanish name for the Balearic Islands us brits know as Majorca…

Ok so we landed on the Island of Mallorca I was unsure of what to expect as the TV portrays the Island to be a boozy bulls up for Brits and Germans… Luckily for us we were not staying in the heart of Mallorca which is the party town of Magaluf a haven for clubbers and pub goers.. Our accommodation was in a small village called Soller. Soller is about 30 minutes from Palma Airport, and is surrounded by the mountain range, known as the ‘Serra de Tramuntana’. The valley is famous for its orange groves and terraces of ancient olive trees and was a real surprise…

The hotel was great and we decided to rent a car so that we could tour the Island of Mallorca… After settling in we decided to go out for a walk and to explore the area a little. We wandered around the town which was extremely quaint with some of the houses dating back to the 14th century together with a large number of modern buildings. The main square houses the parish church of Saint Bartholomew which was really pretty..

After a good walked we headed back to the hotel stopping off at a great tapas restaurant on the way… Unlike Magaluf, Soller has many authentic restaurants where you can enjoy some great Spanish Cuisine..After dinner we went back to get a good nights sleep before our exploring began..

The following morning we decided to head to Palma the capital of Mallorca and was amazed by some of the architectures, although it was originally a Roman city, to look at the city is very much like Barcelona although obviously smaller. The buildings have a great gothic feel about them. We caught the bus up to the Castell de Bellver and then walked the rest of the way to the top. The Castell de Bellver looks immaculate and its hard to actually believe that its over 700 years old.. The Palma Cathedral is also pretty spectacular.

Mallorca is a reasonably big islands with over more than 3400 miles of coastline so we knew we would have to be careful with our time as we only had a week and we didn’t want to be stuck in the car for the week, we did want to go back with some kind of tan..

The next morning we opted from some sunbathing time before heading to Valldemossa

which is located between Palma and Soller. Valldemossa, was made famous by the Polish composer Frederic Chopin and his lover, the French writer George Sand who spent the winter there back in 1838/39.

The former monastery where Chopin stayed during the winter is called La Real Cartuja and was well worth the visit. The monastery is beautiful and the views are amazing, even if you’re not into classical music nor French literature, it was really interesting to see the cells that Chopin and Sand rented. The monastery gives plenty of information about them both, and you even get to see the piano Chopin used. After the tour we found a great little cafe serving Spanish pastries which were extremely tasty…

We headed back to Soller and decided to visit the Balearic Museum of Natural Sciences and Botanical Gardens as it sounded quite interesting for an Island as small as Mallorca. The museum had some great collections including more than 20.000 microfossils and a great library that had over 12.000 book. The collection created by Joan Bauza Rullan has the most important fossil archive in the Balearics and was really interesting.

The following day we did a long drive and visited the Coves De Campanet it was a long drive but the Coves were amazing even though the entrance fee was quite high

The Coves de Campanet are the smallest to be found on Mallorca and they were discovered in 1945  by accident when a survey was being carried out to search for underground water, and a small hole in the rock was discovered. After that the was widened and they realised that the caves had some great formations after we visited the caves we headed into the town Campanet and got to see the Sant Miquel church, which was built in 1220 and is one of the few churches that managed to keep its Christian identity, even during the Arab occupation we stopped off for a late lunch and had some great Tapas in one of the small restaurants in the town..

The last excursion that we did was visit Porto Cristo situated on Mallorca’s east coast which was a bit of drive again and we were glad the we hired the car for the week. The reason for the drive was to visit the famous and amazing Caves of Drach. The Caves are fantastic and are home to one of the world’s largest underground lakes called Lago de Martel .The caves consist of 12 main areas and other area such as the Black Cave, the White Cave, and the Luis Salvator Cave.

On of the great things about visiting the caves was the classical music concert which is given by the musicians floating across the lake in boats and the beautiful lights creates the most amazing  atmosphere and as you reach the end of the walk you end at the famous Martel Lake which is impressive as well.

After the caves we headed into the town of Porto Cristo to grab a bite to eat and have a wander around. The beach is lovely and we had lunch in the restaurant above the beach which had great  views out to sea and across the port which was fantastic.

C’an Picafort is a relatively large resort situated on the lovely Bay of Alcudia, about an hour away from Palma


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