Last winter, I had a business meeting in Paris, France. I had already been to Paris many more times that I wanted to see a new place. One of my friend told about Metz which has a rich historical heritage. We had the meeting on Saturday and Sunday morning I set off to Metz by high speed train ( TGV).

It took appoximately 85 minutes to get the city. I really liked the train, it was comfortable. I took a taxi to the downtown. It was a rainy day in Metz and rather cold. When I got off the taxi, I was fascinated with the beautiful scenery. The charming atmosphere of the city was immediately noticed. I saw the L’Opéra-Theatre de Metz and walked on the Moyen Pont. I heard that there was the oldest cathedral of France – Metz Cathedral. I went to see it. It was near the L’Opéra-Theatre de Metz so I just walked. When I first saw the cathedral, I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was so huge and so beautiful. I don’t remember exactly but I guess it was built in 13th century. I viewed carefully the gothic figures on the walls – they were amazing! It was definitely a masterpiece. I couldn’t stop thinking about how it was built in those days. When I got inside, I chilled. I watched the high ceilings, old but charming furniture and enormous windows. I walked around it and viewed admiringly.

After I got out, I walked to the downtown to eat something and some shopping. The downtown of Metz was really beautiful and crowded. There were so many shops that I couldn’t decide where I would start J I had not so much time so I walked around fast. And after a delicious meal, I came back to Paris by TGV, met my colleagues and catch the plane to come back home!

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