Dancing and partying with live music in bars are things that you cannot do every single day unless it’s your job to do so or you’re some kind of a mutant that has an unusually quick way of recovering from the night before. Most of the time, partying hard can only be done in weekends, the time when people could have some time off work.

Surely those nights at the bar have repeatedly made you wish you had more time to stay and party, so how about devoting one whole day for it? Something like an all-out party that would last for more than 20 hours? This is possible—Spain is where you need to go. And the bonus? Your setting will be in the middle of the desert—so how cool is that?

It’s that time of the year again for the The Monegros Desert Festival, a music celebration that will happen in the desert between Lleida, Huesca and Zaragoza on July 23, 2011. What once was a silent setting will be a spot for nonstop dancing and beats that will go all the way until the sun rises the next day.

Although some festivals could last for three days to a week or two, this will only go on for a day, which means you should make the most of it by going to all the stages. You don’t need to rush—you have all night to do it, and your music will be provided by the by the best DJs and artists from all over the world.

Imagine sharing the desert with 40,000 people with music that never seems to run out. This year, there will be five stages: electronica, techno, hiphop, drum & bass, and dubstep. Musicians will be playing simultaneously, so you can choose from a variety of stages, or even better—do some stage-hopping.

This is one of the biggest electronic music festivals in the country, and many who have attended the past celebrations swear to it that you simply must be here to know what’s it really like. There will be dozens of musicians to choose from. Some of them are David Guetta, Busta Rhymes, Carl Cox, Dave Clarke, Hellfish, Josh Wink, John Digweed, Luciano, Paco Osuna, Steve Lawler, Steve Aoki, The Sickest Squad, and Tiga.

Although this is a big party and all you need is to have a fantastic time, there are still rules that you need to follow. Some of the most important things you should remember are: if you’re 16 and below, you cannot attend the festival, you must always carry an I.D. or a passport, and if they prove that you’re being violent especially when under the influence of alcohol or drugs—you’re out. Remember that festival attendees are not allowed to bring in substances prohibited by law.

This is one of the biggest parties in Spain this year and being here will give you nothing but the most fantastic time, so pack your things and head to the desert. You definitely won’t regret it!

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