Warsaw was a totally different experience for me. I was there just two months ago and I wish I was still there now. We chose Radisson Sas Centrum Hotel Warsaw as our haven while exploring this wonderful city. Its location enabled us to go wherever we want easily.

We learned from our guide that Warsaw was the eight largest town in the EU. There were very cute colorful buildings all around the town. The first attraction we visited was the Royal Castle. When I saw the huge elegant castle, I thought that Warsaw really saw wars.

The Zygmunt’s Column was gigantic as well as impressive. The guide said that it was built in honor of the king Zygmunt III Waza, because he was the one who moved the capital from Krakow to Warsaw. I guess the city owes him a lot.

We saw the Warsaw Mermaid’s bronze sculpture in the Old Town Market Place. I heard that it became the symbol of Warsaw, as it represented the legendary siren called Melusina from Vistula River. She ordered Duke Boleslaus to found Warsaw in 1294. Because power is represented by males generally, it was interesting to see that the symbol of a city was represented by a female. Well, maybe Warsaw’s women are muscled and strong just like the Amazonian women :-)

Our final stop was Warsaw Barbican which was a semicircular fortified outpost. It bears great historical traces all around and we were very glad not to miss the chance to visit this city. In short, everyone must see Warsaw-you will not regret it.

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