Especially popular for the running of the bulls, the San Fermin festival is among the events in Spain that draws numerous tourists from various places. The event takes place annually in the city of Pamplona and kicks off at 12 noon on July 6 and closes at 12 midnight on July 14.


Here are some of the things you should watch out for during the festival:

Running of the bulls

You’ll get your dose of adrenaline rush during this part of the event as hundreds of people run in front of six bulls and another six are released along the narrow streets of Pamplona. The “chaos” starts at 8am as the first firecracker is lit to signify the release of the bulls. The bulls are a mix of fighting and non-fighting bulls and are guided by shepherds. The bulls are gathered in a bullring after the run for the bullfights in the afternoon.



During the event you’ll also get to watch various traditional sports such as stone lifting, wood cutting, and hay bale lifting. Prestigious Jai alai tournaments are also held.



Here you’ll be able to see bullfighters on horses as well as take in the gruesome action of bullfighting where the bulls are killed afterward. Make sure you have reserved tickets beforehand as the bullring gets packed during such attraction.



Illuminating the sky every night are fireworks spectacles to add more fun to the event. Here you can watch an international fireworks contest which dates back to the year 2000 as you sit on the grass around the citadel.


What’s your favorite part of the San Fermin festival?


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