Brussels has seen a transformation of drastic proportions. From a little town known for lace making and chocolate now it’s a brimming city center loved for its nightlife and exciting venues. The modernization will shock and awe as you delight, and possibly cry for the loss of some of the best gingerbread houses turned construction site.
Chocolatier Mary: As the royal families premier chocolate shop you cannot miss out on a trip to this divine candy heaven. Stop by for their truffles and be sure to bring a few home for the plane ride. It’s a small shop located on a side street so be sure to not be surprised by any kind of line. The warm atmosphere and okay prices for the amazing hot chocolate will make you hooked. Take some friends and make it a day trip.
Chez Leon: The most amazing mussels in the city and served by the bucket, go here with a sense of adventure and a rumbling stomach. You’ll come out well fed and with just as much money in your pocket as you did when you walked inside. However, make sure you look up the menu online first, the waiters don’t agree with tourists much and they like it when you know your order—and fast. They’ll also get it to you faster.
Pulp: A quaint stand with plenty of juice selections, freshly squeezed fruits and veggies make up this flavor heaven. Their smoothies are to die for and their easy meals on the go when you have to much site-seeing to do for the day. They also serve coffee and breakfast goodies like muffins and pastries.
Luna Theater: A must-see for any tourist this theatre offers a plethora of shows and musical artists. They also house some of the best cultural dance troupes in the world, their shows are always changing and growing making it hard to catch the same thing twice.

Mennekin-Pis: This is an infamous piece of culture in Brussels, a fountain of a little boy urinating, and it offer instant tourist fun. Go and take silly pictures and marvel at the details in his face and outfit while giggling discreetly as the fountain spurts water from its hole. It’s not the original statue which hails from way back in history because people have a habit of stealing it for pranks. The last person who stole it was severally punished in the eighteen hundreds so don’t envision a heist of your own. Dont spend a vacation behind bars.

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