My first hours in London My first visit to London has been a memorable one from the first moment until the end. As a person who is studying English Language and Literature, visiting the country and the very city about which i’ve read hundreds of articles was very exciting!

After a long flight when i finally set my food on the ground i knew that it was gonna be one of the best times in my life. However i never thought that my first hours in this huge city would be marked by an adventureous beginning. Well, after i passed the passport control the first thing i did was to call my friend who was supposed to meet me at the Luton airport. He answered the phone but told me that for some reasons, which he would be explaining later, he couldn’t make it so therefore i should take the shuttle bus from the airport to our new meeting point “Baker Street”. It was a great surprise for me and unfortunately not a pleasant one. I had no chance, anyways, so i did what he said to me. I got on a “Green Line Bus” from the airport. The journey from there to central London, which costed £12.00 by the way, took about one and a half hours but as i was so busy with repeating the name “Baker Street” in my mind over and over again the ride seemed much shorter than it actually was :-) Well, my brain was trying to get used to the traffic which kept running on the “wrong” direction when i heard the driver women shouting “Baker Street”. There were lots of people on the bus but it seemed that no one was willing to get off on that stop. The driver shouted for the second time… and i did not know what to do so just said “Yes!” in a very unconfident tone. I finally got off the bus at the bus stop in front of Baker Street Tube Station trying to see my friend who is supposed to be there but, guess what, there was no one! I called him to ask where he was and he replied that he was waiting right in front of the tube station. I was sure that i was standing in front of the station and he said that he was also there… One of us was definitely lying to the other and it was so hard to decide who that was :-) I tried to tell him the things i see around and after that, thank God!, my friend figured out that we were waiting at the different enterences of the station. It was so nice when my friend finally showed up which meant no worries for me from then on as i was with a Londoner who knew the city very well. This was how i spent my first hours in London… and his excuse for not meeting me at the airport… Well, yeah, it sounded a plausable one for the time being. :-)

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