I was so excited when the plane arrived at Berlin airport. After some little troubles with my luggage, I got over that and went outside eventually! The first impression I got from the city was that the public transportation was very good and easy to find the way.

I had also a map of Berlin that explaining the complicated metro lines so clearly, so I had a bit of help!  After about 45 minutes travelling, I found my hostel where I would stay for 5 days. I got my room and met my roommates. They were so friendly! I got rid of my luggage and took a cold shower then I decided to go out to get something to eat. I walked downstairs and asked the receptionist to recommend a good place to eat. I also said that I would like to taste some local cuisine.  He adviced met to taste beefsteak with marshed tomatoes. It sounded very delicious and I tried it. The meal was really tasty! When I came back to the hostel, I thanked to the receptionist for his great advice.

The next day I made a short travel plan because I didn’t have so much time. I went to “Tiergarten” first. It was a huge park and a beautiful river runs around it. I had a short boat trip on this river. The trip offered great sightseeing on such a sunny day. There were many restaurants, cafes and pubs around the park so I had my lunch at one of them with wonderful view of the park and the river. The other day, my roommates took me to a swimming pool which was great fun. Later that day we joined an outdoor activity “Neu Berlin” that you can have a trip by bike around Berlin. Our guide William took us to some historical places that we would have never seen if we had not of been on the tour.  Our first stop was “the wall”. It separated Germany, East and West, until the year 1989 before it was demolished. Then we went to Kreuzberg. After such a tiring day I was dying for some sleep but my roommates didn’ t let me. We went to an open night club called Club de’vissionaire which was near the river. The music they played and the cocktails they served were great!! I had so much fun at that night. On my last day, I wanted to buy some presents form y family and I went to Alexanderplatz where three shopping malls were and also cheap. After that I went back to hostel, say goodbye to my roommates and the polite receptionist. My short Berlin trip was fantastic, I hope I will go back soon! I missed there, my friends and the hostel

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