Last winter, I had a trip to Italy with my family. We spent about one week there. It was amazing! At first, we went to Venice. What a beautiful city! On the morning we looked around in Marco Square and visited Saint Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace. Both of them were fantastic. The cathedral is said to be one of the best examples of Byzantine architecture and I was also impressed by the wonderful scenery of the Doge’s Palace. Then we had a beautiful boat trip on the canals of Venice, listening the boatman who was singing lovely songs! It was so romantic and next time I would come with my boyfriend. After such a tiring day we went to the hotel to have a rest. We stayed at Hotel Le Soleil. It was a luxurious and modern hotel that I didn’t want to leave, so comfortable!

The following day, our next destination was Verona, a wonderful yet touristy city. The Arena and Juliet’s balcony were the most famous places there. While visiting Juliet’s balcony, I tried to visualize the incredible love between Juliet and Romeo, lovely!

Our next step was Florence, the most populous city in Tuscany. Florence is famous for its rich history. It really smells history, so impressing! We visited Santa Maria del Fiore. It was a huge cathedral and so beautiful. Then we went to Pisa that is famous with the Leaning Tower. After visiting the tower, we went to a few museums and cathedrals too. Moreover, we did some shopping from the stores in Pisa.

The next day  we set up for Rome and on the road of Rome, we stopped in Siena. There were historic narrow streets, cathedrals and a shell-shaped square, Piazza del Campo, where you can find many antique stores and cafes. One these cafes, I tasted the most delicious spaghetti I had ever eaten.

After this enjoyable break, we reached Rome. What a incredible city! Our first destination was Vatican city. St Pietro was the most famous cathedral there. It was really amazing! In the cathedral there were many historical monuments from the world-famous artists including Michelangelo. Then we visited the Coliseum where the famous historical fights of gladiators were taken place. The next stop was Trevi Fountain. We all had some wishes there J We also visited Spanish Steps. I was so tired to walk up but my mum and dad did. After this tiring trip we went to our hotel to get rest and the next day we turned our home with many lovely memories from Italy! I am looking forward to go back !

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