My trip to Rabat is the greatest one I have ever made. I stayed at La Tour Hassan Meridien Hotel which is 15 km from the airport. It was a nice and clean hotel with friendly staff. My first sight to see was the Mausoleum of Mohammed V. That memorial was with just one word amazing. Inside was so ornamented that you feel yourself a small plain detail in it. I learned from my guide that many artists had worked there to make the memorial seem that gorgeous. My next stop in Rabat was the Hassan Tower which is 44 m. According to my guide; it would have been 80 m, had the earthquake in 1755 not destroyed it. It was worth seeing, especially the inside was wonderful.

After the Hassan Tower, I went to see the Andalucian Gardens. It was not just a garden, but also had a small  museum in it. After I sat in the garden and watched the flowers and trees for a while, I went to the museum. By the way, there were some nice ornamented antique doors which you could see outside the museum.

At the evening, I wanted to try some local food, and so went to eat outside. I went to the Restaurant des Amis which was a little small but cute restaurant that served many good local dishes. I ate one of the best meals of my life there. It was also quite cheap.

Next day, I went to the Royal Mosque which was just across the Royal Palace. Thus I had a chance to see both places. Royal Mosque was a very fine piece of Islamic architecture. I enjoyed my visit there very much.

There were a few other places that I saw, too. The ones above are the places I liked most. I think Morocco and Rabat have a lot to offer, but just need to be rediscovered.

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