Orlando is very special for me. I think the time I spent there is the best time of my whole life. The reason for its being very special for me is that I got married there. Orlando was the Heaven for me and my husband who passed away a year ago now leaving me the memories as a relic.   It all happened at once. Neither of us could believe it at first. We just read some news about Orlando and saw the pictures taken at the Walt Disney World Resort depicting a wedding ceremony at the Disney’s Wedding Pavilion. It was the very moment that we decided to get married there so that our new marriage life would begin in a place full of fun and joy. And we did! It was the most beautiful wedding that I had ever seen- and it was mine! After the wedding, we walked along the shores of the Seven Seas Lagoon nearby. Guess what we did next! We enjoyed ourselves at the Fantasyland like a crazy young girl and a boy. We even took a spinning ride in a tea cup. It was so much fun. We had the laugh of our lives. It was a really magic land- away from this world. The next day we, newly married couple, visited a few museums and also did some shopping. The Florida Mall was the largest mall I had ever visited. I did a power shopping in front of my husband’s worried eyes. Well, he had to understand that it wasn’t easy to be married :-)
We spent three more days in Orlando and then returned to our home. It was all like a dream. I wish he were here now reading what I am writing here with a smile on his face. Anyway, I am planning to do my son’s wedding ceremony in Orlando- Yes, in the very place we got married. Anyone reading these lines are invited to the ceremony :-)

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