My trip to Wurzburg is one of those unforgettable ones. We went there for our honeymoon. The reason why we chose Wurzburg was that we knew art and architecture danced together in Wurzburg. The hotel we would stay at inWurzburg was very important, as it was our honeymoon and we wanted a comfortable place. We chose the Schloss Steinburg Hotel which was recommended by a friend of us before. We were very glad to have obeyed his advice, because we had a great time in that great hotel of Wurzburg. It was a castle indeed! I didn’t know castles were  so much fun before. It was also just 10 minutes’ drive to the old town, which was great.

Anyway, our Wurzburg adventure started- there were so many we wanted to do and see. We arrived in the city in 80 minutes from Frankfurt by train. As the view was outstanding, we never got bored during the way. The first thing we visited in Wurzburg was the Fortress Marienberg. It was a real beauty surrounded by medieval walls and the Scherenberg gate. After the fortress, we visited the Wurzburg Residence. I fell in love with the grand staircase and the chapel of the palace. Especially the interior of the Court Chapel was a true piece of art. It must be a privilege to pray there. The ceiling, the walls and the colons were all ornamented and very beautiful.

Next day, we went to the church called Kappele. We had heard about it before. It is a beautiful rococo styled chapel located just opposite to the fortress. We were very glad to have found a chance to visit it before leaving Wurzburg. We will not forget this exciting Wurzburg trip and will be back there as soon as possible.

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