I went to Brussels last summer as I needed to do compulsory internship. I applied for a company there. Honestly, I didn’t have any hope to be accepted, but it just happened! I would do internship in Brussels for two months. It was all like a dream.

It was the first time that I went abroad, so this added to my excitement and anxiety at the same time. I also had a fear for flying, because I always thought that there would be a plane crash. Thank God, there were no crashes and I was in Brussels.

I looked for a Brussels hotel close to the company where I would do my internship. The Brussels Hotel was just the place I was looking for. It was a very nice convenient hotel. Thanks to the multilingual staff, I didn’t have any difficulty in communicating. I know it’s hard not to be understood by the staff. One of my friends experienced such a situation. When he asked for an extra pillow, he could only get an extra blanket. Well, at least the “extra” part was right.

Anyway, I began doing internship on weekdays and at the weekends I went sightseeing as much as my feet could stand. My first stop was the Grand Place. It totally dazzled me! It had a square as if ornamented with flowers.  So colorful! So beautiful! It was like a rainbow ornamented carpet extending through the square.

At the next weekend, I head for the Atomium in Heyzel Area. It was a huge atom-shaped building. Weren’t atoms tiny
particles? Well, this one was gigantic and we were also able to go inside. The view up there was great! I took many good photos.

Royal Palace was also an impressing place. The building per se was enough to charm me, but it also had a garden that was wonderful to stroll in. Inside of the palace was even more beautiful. There were paintings and ornate furniture all around. It was furnished so fashionably that it was still fashionable even after so many years.

I also tried to taste as many Dutch dishes as I could. My favourite restaurant that I went with my friends was the one called Other Belgian where we found good beer with a delicious steak.

We hanged out in Havana Bar at nights when we wanted to have a fling.  Especially on Saturdays, Havana Bar was our fun haven.

Brussels is a very beautiful city full of fun. I was very upset when my internship ended. I’d like to go there again whenever I find a chance to.

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