My Dublin trip was one of the unforgettable ones. It was very interesting to hear the slightly different accent of Irish people in Dublin. I arrived at the Dublin Airport which was very busy at the time.

The first place I visited was the Trinity College which was situated in the heart of Dublin. It was an impressive building. Although not as colorful as my university buildings, Trinity College was still lovely. I then went to the Guinness Brewery which was top one attraction in Dublin. It was great to climb to the top of the building while exploring the brewing museum. The best side of it was the pint I was offered free of charge while admiring the great view.

Well, it was a tiring day, especially after so much sightseeing. Time to go and have some rest, so I returned to my hotel. Mine was Mercer Court Hotel which was quiet nice with a good restaurant.  Next day, Dublin Castle was waiting for me. It was a grand castle with the Record Tower. The castle was lovely, but what impressed me most was the tower. The castle was like a king with a crown on the head. When I saw it like that, I felt the urge to bow in front of it, or else the archers at the top would hit me :) But if I bowed, people around me would think I was mad. So there was the challenge: To bow or not to bow- that’s the question :) Hey don’t worry-I didn’t !

I got tired of staying at the hotel all night, so I went out to have some fun. I had heard that the nightlife in Dublin was vibrant. The fame of the Temple Bar was known by many of my friends, so I didn’t lose any time and headed for the bar and had a great fling! Danced all night!

Those were a few things I can recall about my Dublin trip now. It is a place that should be visited by anyone wishing to have some fun!

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