Eindhoven is like Heaven

Eindhoven is a city in the Netherlands. It is always warm there. It gets dark generally at 10 pm. There are many sites that can be visited in Eindhoven. To see how it is like to live in the medieval times, you must visit the Historical Open-air Museum. If you interested in art, you will enjoy yourself in the Kempenland Museum.

For those feeling active enough, there are yearly bicycle tours in Eindhoven. Actually, bicycling is very common here and people love to ride a bike. You can even see a serious-looking dressed up businessman riding a bike. It is an interesting scene indeed.

You can find music, fun, theater and performances all together in the Park Theater. If you come around February, you will not miss the Ice Sculptures Festival where you can see many beautiful little wonders. It is really nice to look at them. Don’t forget to take something warm with you when attending the festival. After I saw those ice sculptures, I tried to make one for me at home, but to be honest result was horrible. What I did didn’t resemble to them at all. Besides, when mum saw the little pool in the middle of the kitchen, I received a good reprimand So, don’t try that at home!

To eat something delicious, you can go to the restaurant called Taj Mahal. The service is quick and food is very good there. You can also spend lively nights in Eindhoven. It is full of bars and discos.

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