My trip to Munich has always been my favourite one. After an air travel of 7 hours and 45 minutes, I arrived at Franz Josef Strauss International Airport. I thought I would not be able to go sightseeing after so much time on air, but as soon as we landed, I changed my mind. Fortunately, I did some research about Munich before, and so I knew where and how to go. I first went to the Englischer Garten on the Giselastrasse. With its Japanese tea houses, a Greek style temple and the Chinese Tower, it had a cool environment. Landscape was really fascinating. I had a great time there.

My second destination was the Nympherburg Castle. There I understood why it was called Nympherburg. It is so beautiful a place that I think it can be a home only to the mythological Nymphs who are very very beautiful and irresistable. Well, not Nymphs but, according to what I heard, it was used as the David Camp by Bavarian Kings. Maybe the kings were very beautiful, who knows?

My next stop was the Frauenkirche about which I had heard a lot. It is a must to see the Frauenkirche if you are in Munich. Its domes are the symbol of Munich. I had no problem to reach there, because it was within the walking
distance from Marienplatz.

Going around all day long made me really hungry, so I tried to find a good restaurant to have dinner. I went to Zur Brez’n on the Leopoldstrasse as I was already in the vicinity. I was glad to have eaten there at the end of dinner. The meals were great! So delicious that I think I will never forget! Furthermore, the prices aren’t so high, just the average. Then I went direct to Brunnenhof Hotel where I stayed. I was happy to stay there, it was very clean and comfortable.

I was  also curious about Dachau, the concentration camp, so I went there next day. I took the bus numbered 724 from Marienplatz and went to Dachau. This camp was designed to punish people, which paved the way for the cruel Nazi camps according to my guide. I felt agony in the air there. He said that 32,000 prisoners died until 1945.

That is all about my Munich trip. I have never had so much fun again.

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