Stockholm is the most beautiful city in Sweden. There are so many things to see and do in Stockholm that we got confused about where to go first.

Vasa Museum was a great place to learn about the history of the town. The shipwreck made us wonder about the reason why it sank. It was a very interesting story. I will not tell you that here so as not to spoil your excitement for visiting the museum. The visit to the Royal Palace in Gamla Stan was wonderful. It was a huge building built in the Baroque style. Especially the changing of the guards in accompaniment of the march is worth seeing. When we learned that there were also woman soldiers in Sweden, we got quite surprised indeed.

We liked the Skansen which comprised an aquarium, a small zoo and an open-air museum most. I adored the butterfly garden. It was so colorful that I couldn’t believe it was real. There were many animals in the aquarium. Don’t think that it is only fish because it’s called aquarium. Scorpions, spiders, parrots and lemurs were also there. We even fed a snake! We were afraid at first, but after we saw even a little girl feeding a snake, we decided that we could try it, too. Thanks to the little girl who inspired us (well, ok maybe a little jealous of her courage), we had a whole strange experience. Tired but happy, we returned to our hotel called New World Hotel which was quite nice and clean.

The next day, an even different experience was waiting for us. We took a tour in the Viking boats. The view of Stockholm from the boat was really spectacular. We also saw many people using Gingers as transportation vehicles. We were very very lucky to catch the annual Jazz Festival held in Stockholm. It was really fun! We danced and drank till we dropped! We could also see the Cow Parade. It was like those in Europe. Many colorful cows all surrounded the city. I felt I was in a meadow when I saw them. At night, the party aboard was waiting for us! Dancing on the waves! Watching the stars while dancing! It was all nothing but fun! I am talking about the party we joined at the Patricia Nightclub. I will never forget that night. I had never had so much fun before. We decided to go to a restaurant where we could try some local dishes. We were charmed by both the décor and the food of the Koh Phangan Restaurant. At the end of our Stockholm trip, the lines that I wrote into my diary were: A wonderful place to spend holiday in. Hope I’ll have time to come here again… I guess those sentences summarize my impressions of Stockholm

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