Odessa(Oh that’s)Fun

My Ukraine Odessa trip was such a good one. I went there with my best friend Amy. We bought our plane tickets and did all the other preparations together. We had a wonderful dream of Ukraine. When the big day came, we  arrived at the Odessa International Airport. We stayed at Chorne More Hotel which was 11 km from the airport. Its location was very convenient, very close to the railway station. There were many things we wanted to do  in Odessa. We weren’t sure about where to start. We finally decided to visit museums first, and then we would go on sightseeing. The Arts Museum on the Sophia Street was the first place we went to. There were marvelous paintings of many artists there. We admired the artists’ skills. There was a portrait of a girl which Amy insisted that resembled to me! Maybe she was my grand grand grand mother !

Next museum was the Museum of Western and Oriental Art on the Pushkin Street. It was a very nice museum trip.

It was enough of museums. We wanted to walk in a green place, so we went to the Shevchenko Park. It was very nice
to relax in the park. Especially watching the Black Sea was very peaceful. Amy took photos of me while I was looking curiously at the memorial there. They are very funny photos. I am looking at the memorial with a big question mark on my face ! Well, at least my curiosity worked and we learned that it was the tomb of an unknown  sailor. The question of who the sailor was was making me curious now. OK, as Amy reminded me, curiosity killed the cat. But don’t cats have nine lives? So it must be ok for them. On the other hand, I am not a cat that much.

The Catacombs were the next. We were getting more and more excited as we got nearer to the catacombs. As we learned from our guide, those catacombs were 2.500 km long, which left our mouths open! We saw there in how harsh cconditions the partisans hid themselves from Germans during World War II. It was a great historic site to visit. We thanked God that we didn’t live in those times. But, still wars don’t end and innocent people are killed, right?

We wanted to try some Ukrainian Cuisine before we leave the country. Thus we went to the restaurant called Ukrainian Lassunka on De Ribas Street. When they offered us Ukraininian moonshine as a gift from the restaurant, we were very glad to see such hospitability. I guess Ukrainian people are nearly as hospitable as Turkish people.
Anyway, we enjoyed our meal very much. It was already night and we were leaving the next day. So we wanted to have
a fling before we left ! We went to the nightclub called Ibiza and never regretted it except for the ache in our feet caused by dancing too much.

All in all, it was an unforgettable journey. When Amy and I meet, we still remind each other such beautiful days.

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