If you think about it, everything that’s offered in most parts of Las Vegas in regular days could already pass as events for a grand New Year’s celebration. The lights that seem to possess what’s left from the Christmas holiday, the celebratory noises in different parts of streets and the casinos, the fireworks, the feasts, and the fountains of booze—all of this could most likely occur in Las Vegas at any day of the week.

But what do you think happens in Las Vegas when it is the New Year? Well, all of the aforementioned qualities will definitely be around, but one thing you must know is that when welcoming another year in the calendar, the celebration here could be described with a simple word: Huge.

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The Las Vegas strip will already will already be flocked by people even when the sun’s still up, and they will continue to pile up until the countdown at midnight. Like any other night, a flood of lights and music will spread all throughout the place. There will be no cars here during the celebration, as it will be closed to traffic for you to have a grander time. There will be light shows, music, dancing, food, inebriated folks having the time of their lives, and of course, some of the best fireworks display you’ll ever see.

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You better go to the strip early if you wish to find a nice spot, as the place will be packed very early. Don’t expect something warm and intimate–it will be very noisy, but in a good way. This is just one of the parties celebrated in Las Vegas—there will be so much more. If you wish to see more amazing fireworks display, you might consider any of these spots in the city: There will be one at the MGM Grand, one at Planet Hollywood, one at The Venetian Hotel, one at the Las Vegas Hilton, another at Caesars Palace, and of course, and the Stratosphere Tower. These are some of the places that will have amazing display of fireworks this year.

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Another great venue to celebrate is over at Fremont Street, where concerts and musical performances are held. The light show here is simply amazing, and it’s usually not as rowdy as the parties happening on the strip (however, don’t underestimate it, for you might be in for a surprise).

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Each Las Vegas hotel will have its own programs and entertainment every year, so you must decide beforehand who you want to see and what kind of celebration you’d prefer. For instance, there will be a rock concert in one hotel and a Cirque du Soleil performance in the other. You may want to go to VIP Parties hosted by celebrities, or you may want to have a quiet dinner in a fancy venue. You will have lots to choose from, so better check the schedules of these performances and parties in advance and get your reservations as early as possible.

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Also remember that the prices of the hotels in Las Vegas increase their rates at this time of the year. If you’re planning to get a bit more cheaper hotels, you should check out the hotels and motels that are not on the strip—these will definitely save you a few bucks. With the hundreds and thousands of visitors wanting to party, you should also know that the booking should be done weeks before, as the accommodations could get packed. Also, you must remember to wear clothes/bring layers that will keep you warm, for it could be very cold at night.

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These are all the things in store for you at the even of welcoming another year. One thing you must remember, though, is that you need to be awake when the clock strikes 12, so try to pace yourself when drinking those beers and cocktails, you don’t want to welcome the fireworks passed out in your room. This place, indeed, is the party capital in the world, and in New Year’s eve, you will see why.

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