We decided to visit the resort of Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt but with a stop over in Cario. Sharm el Sheikh is located to the south of the Sinai peninsula and is characterised by plenty of rocky mountains and desert.  .

We landed in Cairo and had a great transfer to our hotel. We actually arrived during the religious festival of Eid. So the following morning we woke up to the animal sacrifices which take place throughout the city. We watched the animals being transferred throughout the city which were mainly cows and sheep. Some animals were slaughtered in the streets and there was plenty of blood to be seen. Watching this was amazing and a good insight into another countries religions and beliefs.

After watching all of this we then made our way to the bus station and boarded our bus. The journey was actually really nice even though we had to stop every 30 or so minutes at various check points. This was quite daunting as Egyptian soldiers would come on to the bus and check everyone’s passports.  Luckily we never had any problems. The journey to Sharm el Sheikh was beautiful we drove through the desert and then had amazing views of the Red Sea.

Once we arrived at the bus station we jumped in a taxi after some major haggling and finally reached our hotel. We checked in the hotel was pretty nice, good clean rooms and the view from the hotel was fantastic.  We had amazing views of the Red Sea, and the clear turquoise water, and the town below was picture perfect.

We headed out and walked down the 109 steps so that we could do the walk to Na’ama Bay. Na’ama Bay has a long sandy beach and is where the first hotel was built back in the eighties. The area is extremely developed and the seafront has a beautiful paved walkway which was perfect for an evening stroll and there are plenty of shops, restaurants, bars and ‘Sheesha’ cafes where you can sit and soak up the atmosphere of this eastern touristy place.

Once refreshed we went back to town we found a  great restaurant and had some great food. I ate some  tahini, roasted eggplant , I also tries some quail and some amazing lentil soup.  After diner we took a slow walk back to the hotel and saw the nightlife of Sharm el-Sheikh which involved lots of drunk people who all looked like they were having lots of fun. Being tired we decided to call an early night and headed back to the hotel.

The following morning we went for a walk and explored the gorgeous Cliffside bar and swimming area.  This was right on the Red Sea, and was filled with sun umbrellas and lounge chairs.  We went for a swim and the water was so clear really warm. We decided to go to the dive centre located at the hotel and rented some snorkelling equipment and then went back to the swimming area.  There were loads of colourful fish and beautiful coral.  There were plenty of clown fish the same as in the film Finding Nemo. The colours under the water is just amazing bright blues, greens, yellows, pinks, oranges every colour possible.

After a couple of hours chilling out and snorkelling we went and got changed and then made our way back to Na’ama Bay’s downtown area to have a walk around.  We strolled along the waterfront strip right passed the hotel that had been bombed in a terrorist attack in July 2005  it felt very strange being right next to it but the hotel has been completely rebuilt.  We stopped for some lunch at a waterfront restaurant in one of the restaurants that is part of the Movenpick Hotel it was very nice and I really enjoyed my pizza..

That evening we ate at Sabsaba, which is very well known for it’s seafood.  I though the sea food was amazing it tasted so fresh. We then bought some Egyptian wine which was pretty awful Egypt is not known for having the best wine but we chucked it down and then made our way to Little Buddha, which is an Egyptian bar/club. The club was lots of fun. The club was really smokey as smoking hasn’t been banned in public places yet. But there were belly dancers and people just dancing and enjoying themselves. I felt a little nervous about being in a placed that had been attacked by terrorists, but didn’t let it spoil my fun.

We also visited the old town of Sharm El Sheikh which was originally developed by the Israelis after the 1967 war had finished and not much really goes on there because the place has an oddly shaped harbour which is surrounded by high cliffs that makes getting to the water difficult. But the old market in Sharm itself is definitely worth a visit and is colourful and lively and you can find all sorts of things here.

We spent some of time at Fantasia, which was some kind of theatre with a load of restaurants all done up in Disney style, It was very cheesy, but lots of fun, and we found a couple of cheap restaurants serving pizza and Egyptian Stella beer which was actually not to bad.

There’s not a lot to say about this place apart from its great for those who want a small insight to Egypt. Its a package holiday resort geared up for tourists with plenty of good spots for diving. It was a good relaxing place to go for a holiday.

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