Baggage tip

If your holdall or suitcase is going to be put in the aircraft hold then its a good idea to stick a bright sticker or use a coloured strap around the baggage so you can spot it easily at the other end. You will be  surprised how many people are travelling with the exact same baggage as yours!

Keep your clothes wrinkle free

The best tip for helping clothes to stay wrinkle free is to roll them rather than folding. You will also find that
 you can implement the space in your holdall or suitcase much better this way.

What not to pack!

The first golden rule is dont pack too much! I am always annoyed at myself If I pack clothes that I never end up wearing.

I like to travel light. For example instead of packing a 250 ml bottle of my fav shower gel I will take instead a bar of soap!

Rather than take a large jar of my usual hair gel I will find a smaller alternate option in a tube or sometimes  you can scrounge small samples from the local cosmetic stores and fi,ll them with just enough gel to lat your holiday.

Travel toothbushes are great and worth buying. You can put these in your handbag.

If you are going on a beach holiday then After sun lotion doubles up as a body lotion so you dont need to take

Travel books

My suggestion to help cut down on bulky luggage, and dont forget that every little cut back makes a big  difference.

Instead of carrying a bulky guide book I either just print the pages that I need from the internet or fotocopy the information that I want from the libary. Its much easier to pack and carry a couple of A4 pages than a complete book!

Both of these suggestions also save a little money as you dont need to go out and buy a guide book

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