God probably dropped a box of crayons when he was creating Indonesia and it fell right smack on Bali. Nicknamed The Island of The Gods, this beautiful tropical paradise is bursting with color, flavor, spirituality, culture, sights, and activities. Bali is a tourist destination that is simply pulsating with life.

Everything in Bali radiates life and vibrancy; with a beauty that is almost surreal, infused with a deep sense of spirituality and a lifestyle deeply rooted in its culture, Bali is a the epitome of a paradise holiday; a postcard perfect holiday.

This slice of paradise in Southeast Asia is known for its world-class waves for surfing and diverse marine life for diving, rich history and culture evident not only in its archeological attractions but in everything around Bali from the food to the language itself.

Some of the top tourist attractions are:

  • Tegallalang Rice Terraces is greener than green. Because of the climate and location, these world-famous rice paddies always top the list of attractions in Bali. One of the reasons why these rice paddies are so unique is because of the irrigation system believed to have been taught to the Indonesians by Rsi Markaneya, an Indian holy man. A larger than life “piece of art”, Tegallalang Rice Terracesis best viewed from the village ofPejeng, Campuhan or Tegallalang. The ride to any of those villages is equally memorable. While you are in this area (Ubod), make sure you visit Purl Lukisan, a museum well-known for its Balinese paintings. Enjoy the tranquility of Ubodas well as the climate, which is cooler than most of Bali since it is located at a higher altitude. Hotels in these areas are small and cozy.

  • What is a visit to Bali without some world-class surfing? Catch some of the gnarliestwaves in Kuta, a popular tourist resort. This resort mostly attracts the young and of course, the young at heart. Not only does this beach offer some of world’s juiciest waves, the sunsets, they are beyond amazing. The beach faces directly to the sunset allowing holiday-makers to fully revel in the view. Apart from surfing, regular performances of authentic Balinese music and dance are another attraction in Kuta. A great place to meet new people from locals to other tourists. The accommodations in Kuta range from luxurious hotels to simple guesthouses.If you want to enjoy beaches in Bali but are not yet ready for the big curls, head over to Nusa Dua, where the water is calm and there are gentle waves to bigger waves, starting from the south to north, respectively. Some of Indonesia’s most luxurious hotels can be found here in Nusa Dua.

  • Apart from the beaches, a visit to Bali will be incomplete if you will not visit the many temples, parks, gardens and natural attractions like the volcanoes GunungBatur and Kintamani.

One of the must-haves when visiting Bali is a camera. It doesn’t have to be really fancy; the landscapes, the colors, the life of Bali can make any picture pop up from the frame like it was taken in HD.

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