MY best friend and I had a wonderful trip to Prague last summer. We both loved this historical history. There were so many things to see and I do not think we could see all of them

We saw the largest ancient castle in the world – Prague Castle – according to the Guiness World Records. The city has many nicknames but the most prominent ones are “ the mother of the cities”, and “ the golden city”.

I firsty want to mention about the Prague Castle. What a splendid structure it was! The castle has a rich history that dates back before before the year 1100 years.  You cannot believe how large the castle was and I was completely captivated.  The castle also includes St. Vitus Cathedral  and you can visit it for free.

Then we visited Charles Bridge which is a striking symbol of Prague like the castle. The bridge has many signes from the past. Despite the heavy rains and floods, the bridge is still standing today. It is one of the bridges over the Vltava river and one the most wonderful sights of the city.

Our trip to the past continued with the Old Town. It is the old part of the city and one of the most important places that you must see. The narrow streets, historical buildings and houses give you many clues about the rich history of Prague. The history of the town goes back to 10th century. We visited the Astronomical Clock and the Old New Synagogue. In the afternoon we were very tired so gave a break at the Old Town Square and had a cup of coffee there. The Square offers many restaurants and cafes. The town was so lively and full of many tourist as we were

The other day was the time for us turning back to the present days. We went to the New Town. The most striking landmark of the town was Wenceslas Square. The square is perfect for doing shopping, meeting with friends and having lunch. We enjoyed by hanging around on the street. There were many stalls, outdoor exhibitions, cafes, restaurants, and shops. At first, we couldn’t decide where to start. After eating something and doing some shopping we visited the National museum. The museum has a vast collection of showing the richness of the city. It is also the largest museum in the Czech Republic.

Looking for an elegant place to dine? You should visit the Dancing House in the downtown. It really does look like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers dancing! There is a French restaurant on the roof of the building so you can have your dinner while you are looking at the beautiful views accross the city!

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