We had decided to travel by train from Munich to Prague. It would be our first experience of catching the train through Europe.  Munich train station is huge but it is very well organized and we had no problems following the signs and reading the time table. We stocked up with plenty to eat & drink for the journey which was about 6 hours.

The journey was ok the scenery was quite nice we traveled through the town of Plzn which is the home of Pilsner beer. The arrival into Prague was a bit of a nightmare there was nothing telling us that we were arriving in Prague, no signs and no directions as to which way we needed to go. We walked into the station and really did start to wonder if we had got of in Prague. The station was full of cigarette smoke and lots of slot machines which I thought was really strange. We managed to find tourist information and got a map of the city and headed for our hotel which was lovely and cozy.

Prague is a beautiful city which manages to combine wonderfully preserved Germanic Gothic architecture with beautifully ornate buildings from the late 19th century.
All in all it feels like a reminder of times when building a city meant trying to create something beautiful. The city and the Cezh Republic as a whole have opened up dramatically since the fall of communism in 1989.We took a stroll around the city taking in the beauty of the well preserved buildings and stopping every now and again to enjoy the Czech beer.  That evening we managed to find a medieval restaurant and had a great meal of roasted duck with cabbage in red wine and dumplings which was just amazing.

The following day we went to Prague Castle (Prazsky Hrad).  The castle is set in a massive complex that towers over the rest of the city, made up of cathedrals, basilicas, palaces and gardens some dating back to the 1400s. We watched the changing of the guard at midday which was good to watch. We went to the old palace, which had a jousting room and managed to climb the 287 narrow, steps up to the clock tower of St Vitus’ Cathedral. We also to a stroll down Golden Lane, an alley full of ancient tiny houses. This is where the merchants used to live which was so cute and lovely.

The next day we found the National Museum and the State Opera House where we bought tickets for an evening performance of Carmen, which we excited about. We wandered around the shops for a bit and then headed back to the hotel to get ready for our evening at the Opera. The Opera House is magnificent. We found our box, got our seats and got ready for the performance. The performance was ok it got a bit boring as does Opera and it had never really been our thing but at least we can say that we have watched an Opera in one of the most impressive places in the world.

Today we headed into town across Charles Bridge, into Stare Mesto (Old Town). We stopped in at a little bar for a couple of fine Czech beers and then headed into the main square in the Stare Mesto. The architecture in Prague is fantastic, and we spent a couple of happy hours wandering around checking out the buildings. In the afternoon we went to Wenceslas Square and saw his statue as well as more amazing architecture. That evening we had dinner at a place called Bar Lavka which sits right on the banks of the River Vltava, next to the Charles Bridge. The food was ok but the view over the bridge to the castle as the sun set was stunning. Unfortunately what we didn’t realise is that the bar is a popular nightclub for stag parties due to its podium dancers, we left pretty soon after that and walked across the bridge which is all lit up in the night before heading back to our hotel before our heading back to Munich the following day.

Prague is definately a city worth visiting. Check out our Prague accommodation….


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