Just by thinking of the concept of a carnival will immediately conjure up images of color, smiling faces, music, and parades. The mere mention of this word will immediately bring anyone to thoughts of happiness, joy, and excitement. 

There are so many festivals all over the world–all involving unique public celebrations and colorful festivities. For this feature, we will focus on one of the world’s biggest and most famous carnivals: The Brazilian Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, BrazilThis annual festival, which happens 46 days before Easter, are impressive and overwhelming celebrations celebrated by millions of locals and visitors from all over the world. The huge parades happen in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, as well as in smaller cities like Porto Seguro and Salvador. This year, the Rio de Janeiro celebrations will definitely provide some of the biggest carnival festivities in the world. Below are some of the things that the 2012 celebration has in store for visitors.

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Rio Carnival 2012

For this year, the main parades will happen on February 19th, the Access Group performances will happen on February 18th, and the Champion Parade is scheduled to happen on February 25th. It is in this part of Brazil where the celebrations will be absolutely huge, which has earned the city the label “Carnival Capital of the Globe.”

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The Samba Parade

The Rio Carnival 2012 will begin on February 18th and will end on February 21st (Fat Tuesday), so visitors will have a lot of time to party and witness some of the best samba performances here.

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The samba parade is one of the main reasons why millions of people celebrate the carnival each year. The Samba Parades are basically a competition between the samba schools in Rio de Janeiro. The costumes and performances are watched by millions of spectators all over the world, as well as the judges who will decide the best ones after the celebrations are over. Some of the things in store are the gigantic, ornate floats, elaborate costumes, and unique moves that never fail to wow the audience.

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Rio Carnival Balls

Aside from the Samba Parade, another must-do activity during the festival is going to the balls, which are held in different venues around the city. Some of the ones that you might want to consider are: the ones at the Rio Scala (a well-known nightclub) on February 17th, or the Samba School Mangueira (for ages 18 and above) on February 18th.

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If you’re willing to shell out some more cash for a more glamourous and exclusive ball, find a spot at the Magic Ball at the Copacabana Palace Hotel, which has become an important name in Rio Carnivals through the years.

Rio Carnival Street Parties

With all the elaborate costumes, breathtaking floats, and remarkable performances, there is simply nothing else to do but to take part in fun parties going on around the city. From Friday to Tuesday, visitors will have the best time drinking and having the grandest time in street parties in places such as the Cinelândia Square.

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This is one of the biggest carnivals in the world, and if you’re into events of epic proportions, with seas of floats, impressive dances, wonderful costumes, and great music, this is definitely a trip that you must plan for. 

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