Antigua, largest of all Leeward Islands sits in the right in the middle of beautiful Eastern Caribbean, whose exquisiteness never ceases to amaze tourists year-round.

Its natural beauty and its well developed tourism industry attracts visitors; most distinctly, honeymooners. Don’t miss this island if you plan to take a trip to the Caribbean.

When you get to Antigua, what to do and where to go is not a problem. Gaining access to beaches is not an issue; the problems tourist most commonly face is where to go and what to do first.

Here are some beaches; maybe we can help you decide:

  • Dickenson Bay and Runaway Bay: for a true beach resort experience. These beaches are situated in the northwestern coast.
  • Galley Bay: in winter months, this beach has excellent surf. In any months, best done in the evening, you can take a jog around the coast and enjoy the sights.
  • Fort James and Deep Bay: near Capital St. John’s, are locals preferred beaches. So if you want to really absorb the culture and mingle with Antiguans, this is the beach for you.
    • Southwest and Southern Coast: want to be a bit secluded away from the hustle and bustle of other tourists? Try the beaches here.
    • Eastern Coast: If you are coming with the family, this area is host to the most family friendly waters.

The ocean and the shores of Antigua is host to many activities:

  • Antigua’s almost virgin reefs call out to scuba divers to explore its wrecks and shelves. With that crystal clear Blue Ocean, visibility under water is in HD.
  • Swim with adorable dolphins in Dolphin Discovery.
  • Take advantage of the Northeast trade winds and go sailing or windsurfing. Varieties of boats are available for hire, racing boats, recreational yachts or classic sailboats. Take a sailing trip and experience one of Antigua’s most deep rooted ocean activity. This is an activity highly preferred by tourists as well. Don’t forget your fishing rods when you decide to go sailing.
  • If you feel adventurous, take a trip to one of the off coast deserted islands and make a la survivor.
  • Galley Bay near the Islands capital of St. John’s is great for surfing in the winter months; any months, take in the view while enjoying a jog.
  • Try your hand at Cricket, Antigua’s most favored sport. Or maybe exercise those delicious Antiguan Cuisine or Euro-American style foods with a game of tennis. Hotels in Antigua provide excellent facilities for playing.
  • Relax your tired muscles with a little tropical bird watching or horse riding.
  • Visit the Capital of St. John’s for a different type of sight-seeing. Take your photos with St. John’s Cathedral, and Colonial Court houses in the Museum of Antigua among other attractions. Come to St. John’s for your souvenirs; choose between mall shopping or street shopping.
  • Try your luck in the casinos or dance your legs to jelly in the nightclubs in Antigua; all the while, enjoying exotic Antiguan Drinks.

Doesn’t matter if you are on your 50th honeymoon, a romantic getaway in Antigua will definitely make you feel giddy with romance.

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