Rome was the next destination for me, a place that I had dreamt about and now I was finally going to get to visit. I was only in Rome for a week but it was a great week and I was knackered after it but enjoyed every minute of it. We had a horrible early morning start to get us to Rome luckily my Mum was going to drive me to Heathrow for our7:00am flight on schedule to arrive in Rome at just about lunch time !!!

All that I had heard about Rome was true. The ruins, are spectacular, the Pizza is awesome and the men are gorgeous (I was traveling with my sister) everywhere you turn there are Cathedrals, Museums, Museums all sorts of impressive buildings. We arrived easy enough, checked into our hotel which was right in the centre of the city and headed out for some food and just to get our bearings…

We were walking down a city street and happened to turn a corner to see the walls of the Colleseum right in front of us. A bit of a shock but Wow. The Colleseum, which could hold 80,000 was built in 72 AD and finished in 80 AD by the Emperor Vespasian. There were marble bleachers for the senators and wooden bleachers for the common folk. During the middle ages the Colleseum was pillaged by the various churches for its marble and travertine. Still a very impressive structure. We stopped for some food and ate a great Pizza and also had some Gelato which is so tasty, we also ended up drinking a few too many glasses of Italian red before realizing that it was getting dark so we wandered back to the Colleseum and watched the moon come up over the walls and the hundreds of vendors setting up their stalls around the site. We found our hotel and fell swiftly asleep.

After starting the day with a huge breakfast we arrived outside St Peter’s Basilica at 8:45 am. St Peter’s Square is beautiful and surrounded by massive marble columns. There is a beautiful fountain in the centre of the square was spotlessly clean unlike the rest of the city. We were both gob smacked by the beauty of the place, even just  the size of the structure is immense and the artwork is just amazing there’s not one inch that is not covered with a marble statue, painting or mosaic. Because we arrived nice and early just as they were opening the doors it was very quiet and we got to see so much. There was a mass taking place in one corner with about 100 people attending and the prayers of the priest’s Latin could be heard throughout the building.

We spent a good few hours wandering around before we headed off to find the Sistine Chapel.  The walk was a long one we walked for over an hour through the Vatican Museum before getting to Chapel but it was great as we got to see many tapestries from the 12 and 13th centuries, paintings by Rafael and beautiful hallways covered from the floor to ceiling with paintings and mosaic.  By this time the place was swamped with visitors but we eventually reached the chapel, and it was amazing. Michelangelo’s artwork is just as amazing as I had heard. The ceiling of the chapel shows ‘The Creation of Man’ which took 4 years to paint. The front wall depicts ‘The Last Judgment’ was painted 24 years after the ceiling was completed. The Sistine is smaller than I though it would be, but I have now found out that it was going to be used as a private chapel, but we spent around an hour just gazing at all the paintings..
After plenty of walking we decided to head for some lunch and went to a place called La Montecarlos which was a great restaurant the service was almost as tasty as the food, the men and the desserts were to die for and once again we ended up watching the eye candy for far longer than we wanted to.. We headed back to the hotel which thankfully wasn’t to far and after a quick swim and sauna we decided to go and sample the nightlife..

We found a place called Jonathan’s Angels which is probably one of the most bizarre bars I have ever been to. The bar is owned by an ex-circus acrobat, Jonathan, who is also a bit of an artist the whole bar is decorated in paintings of the himself impersonating famous people for example Jonathan as the Pope, Jonathan as Napoleon the list goes on. The drinks were pretty expensive but the bar was a great place to find luckily we were tired so we didn’t stay out to long.

The following morning after a well deserved sauna we found the Pantheon which was built in 27 BC by Marcus Agrippa and dedicated to the Planetary Gods and the Palazzo Venezia which was built in the 15th century. Later on it became the official residence of Mussolini and houses the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The Pantheon was really impressive and although the marble is all long gone, apart from the front facade, it felt like the only building in the city that has remained unchanged.  From there we went to the ruins of the Roman Forum which has layers of ruins dating back to 204 BC and lots of churches dating back to the 4th and ruins dating back to 400 BC. After spending some time here we finished the day at the Trevi Fountain, which was absolutely overrun with tourists and far to busy so we went to Piazza Navona and sank a few glasses of wine

The following day we just went for a wander we started at the Baths of Diocletian then t back to the Vatican and down towards Piazza Navona where we stopped for a quick lunch where I discovered Polpette which is basically meatballs with spaghetti but it was so delightful I could have possible have found my new love. After the best dinner ever eaten we continued past the Campo di Fiori and came out to the river, following it along to the Isola Tiburina. we walked onwards to the Bocca della Verita which was also swamped with tourists but it was a good walk after all the tasty but rich food and Gelato and red wine that we had consumed over the past few days..

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