2011 is coming and we all make some preparations for new year. 2011, eleven years after 2000 which is the start of twenty-first century. We are not sure about what is going to be the name of this era, exactly. Some assume it as computer era and some as communication era. The time will determine the best name, of course. Whatever we call it, there is one thing clear ‘being faster’. In our daily lives we are all pushed/pulled to live in a faster style.

Modern world makes us run. We run to work, run to school, run to restaurant also. Big city life does not allow us to stop and rest.In some villages and some private cottages we can rest and be away of city life. Now, the season is winter in north-hemisphere, having  a hot  tea in a cottage would be great for each of us.On the other hand for the ones in south-hemisphere a cottage is the best place to sleep, in hot summer nights.

Cottages are small ,mostly wooden made houses located near mountains ,I mean far away from cities. Cottages, in most countries have been used by villagers and still are used by some of them, too. Beside the villagers , people who want to breathe fresh air and stay in a silent place are the residents of cottages. These little, wooden made homes are apropriate for lovers as a romantic place. Think you are alone with your love. You prepare your food together ,drink your teas when you chat. Maybe your lover could play a guitar and sing for you. Only for you.

If you do not have a wife/husband or a lover do not worry. Because; you can stay with your good friends in these small, lovely houses. If you have a friend who tells interesting stories, you catch an opportunity of being one of the luckiest person in the world.When your friend start telling the stories you will understand what I mean.You will understand how strong your imaginary is and how short a night is in a cottage.

A cottage is a peaceful location for elderly people. Being in the heart of the nature will let not only your body but also your soul to rest. Parents who want to take their children a place away from computers should think cottages as a good alternative.

The ones who do not want to participate a crazy party or firework celebrations during new year should consider having a stay out of city borders. Christmas holiday also gives a chance for this type of holiday.Maybe you made your Christmas and new year plan many days ago but; going to a cottage at Friday night and coming home back on Sunday night will not cause any negative changes in your life instead; you will feel more fresh and energetic. It is time to run the cottage, go and have a real rest.

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