A Must Buy Souvenir from the Land of Hornbill Sarawak

One should not forget to bring back home Sarawak locals unique handicraft as a souvenir for their loved ones.Beadworks such as wristlets, headbands, collar necklaces, ear rings and decorations for walking  sticks,hats, jackets, and the list goes on. These handicrafts are easily can be found in the bazaar throughout the state. While Kuching’s Main Bazaar may pride itself as being the centre for Sarawakian arts and culture, this is very well true. At the same time, Kuching and Miri are also one of the few truly Southeast Asian cultural centres, a fact I am very proud of. The price of these handicrafts range from 3 USD to 29 USD per item, and that is quite a cheap deal!

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