Lord of the Rings Tour

My brother and I are both massive Lord of the Ring fans so for my 30th Birthday we had decided to save to go to New Zealand for 3 weeks and embark on a full 14 day tour spending a little more time in Auckland and then finishing up in Christchurch.

For the next few days we explored the city discovering the fantastic Mission Bay 10 minutes out of the city and having coffee up on the café bar of the famous Auckland Sky Tower. There was so much to do here that 2 days just didn’t seem enough.

We then embarked on what we came for our Lord of the Rings Tour. We were picked up first thing and were taking to the movie set for a 2 hour fully guided tour home to Hobbition and set over 10 acres of beautiful gardens. We then headed to Rotorua this is known as the heartland of New Zealand where some of the worlds most incredibly forces still remain it has a number of sulphuric geysers and the clouds of steam just appear every now and again creating an eerie feel to this city you almost feel as if you are on another planet.

The following day we headed to what is officially called Tongarrio and was New Zealands first National Park and is also a World Heritage Site in the Lake Tapu but know to us Lord of the Ring fans this is Mount Doom and the Heart of Mordor and probably one of the best walks I have ever done in my life I was walking the same trial Frodo and Sam took on their journey..

From here we headed to Wellington where we visited the beautiful gardens of Lothlorien and we then drove to Picton where we visited the Gardens of Isengard we had lunch at Rivendell which was just amazing and the hobbition village of Bree plus many other places it was such a perfect day but there was more to come.

The next day we flew to Middle Earth otherwise known as Queenstown this must be the most beautiful area in New Zealand and was the backdrops in many of the scenes of all 3 films. This area is surrounded by snowcapped mountains and Lake Wakatipu over the next few days we took a jeep safari and the best way to see the scenery we took a helicopter ride from Queenstown airport the ride took us over some of the most famous scenes from the films and the first stop was to see the gate of the famous Khazad – Dum ( Moria ).

There was plenty more for us to do we did a horse ride where we passed through the woods of Lothlorien and passed through Amon Hen where the views were just spectacular. I would recommend this tour to anyone even if they are not just fans of the films. New Zealand is the most amazing country and the scenery really is out of this world.

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