A survivor in its own right, Seoul, the capital of South Korea, has carefully and successfully reinvented itself after the war it suffered. Among Seoul‘s many attempts to leave its dark past behind is its architectural efforts which gave birth to a new metropolis bustling with avant-garde buildings, stadiums and more.

Here are some of the sights and attractions to check out on your Seoul vacation.

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The most beautiful and grandest among the palaces in Seoul, this historical site is home to the two-storey Geunjeongjeon where important ceremonies and events were held including the coronation of kings. The Gyeonghoeru pavilion can also be found here. It’s the perfect backdrop for a souvenir picture as it stands majestically over an artificial lake.

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Mount Bukhan

This is among the numerous majestic mountains that surround the city, and it’s the place to be for people craving for some outdoor adventure. Tourists can get their adrenaline fix here by hiking the three peaks of the mountain which offer amazing views of the lush foliage that blanket the mountain as well as panoramic vistas of the city.

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Banpo Bridge

This innovative and longest fountain bridge that connects the Seocho and Yongsan districts is definitely a sight to behold especially at night for its rainbow-colored jets of water. The waters “dance” along to the programmed music from day to night.

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This “Great East Gate” originally dates back to 1398, during King Taejo’s fifth year of reign, but the structure that stands in the city now is the one that was rebuilt back in 1869. The famous Dongdaemun Market can be found here which features high-end shops and even underground markets.

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World Comic Convention

If you’re a big anime and cosplay fan, this is an event you definitely shouldn’t miss. Dress up as your favorite character and see other anime characters come to life at the SETIC convention center where the event is held twice a month.

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Are you planning to go to Seoul soon? Which attractions are you going to visit?

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