The city of Saint Petersburg, Russia is one of those places where you’ll experience sites that are unique to the country; ones that absolutely can’t be found anywhere else. This place home to so many historical structures and locations that drive millions of tourists to its shores every single year.

Many countries with famous historical landmarks have undergone many restorations and renovations. The thing that makes St. Petersburg unique is that it has preserved many of these old and important structures. Most of the structures that have been around since the 18th century have been unchanged. Better make sure you charge your camera batteries, for you will sure take so these magnificent architectural wonders.

If this is your first time to visit St. Petersburg, many activities and structures are in store for you. Visiting this place will surely give you a memorable vacation, and you will also know so much about the city’s and Russia’s history. It has thousands of museums, and one must-see is the Kunstkamera, which was the first museum in the country. This huge museum is filled with around two million items in its grand halls. Another must-see historical museum is the State Hermitage museum, one of the largest and oldest museums not just in Russia, but in the world. Four out of six buildings in this place are open to the public. Some of the most beautiful churches and cathedrals are also here. The extravagant St. Isaac’s Cathedral, which has a dome made of pure gold, is truly a must-see. The Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan, the Trinity Cathedral, and Peter and Paul Cathedral are also worth visiting.

Surely, you know that Russia takes space exploration seriously, so if your dreams of becoming a cosmonaut have not been fulfilled, you are more than free to explore the city’s special spots devoted to everything about space. Visit the Museum of Cosmonautics and Rocket Technology, and see amazing collections of all things relating space.  Also visit the Museum of Water, where you can operate pumps and plumbing system; the Zoological Museum, where you can see dinosaur models and skeletons of whales and mammoths; and the Beer Museum, where you can see how the foamy brews were invented as well as try out the best Russian beer.

The Palace Square has been a venue to some bloody incidents in the past, such as the Bloody Sunday, a devastating event of gunning down of people doing a peaceful demonstration in 1905. Things have changed, of course, and today people go there to see the vast area graced with Neo-classical architecture and granite columns.

If you want to see a structure devoted to the person who made St. Petersburg and the whole of Russia the important place that it is today, visit the Bronze Horseman statue or the Peter the Great Statue. Commissioned by Catherine the Great, sculpted by Etienne Maurice Falconet, and after a narrative poem by literary great Aleksandr Pushkin, this should be definitely part of your to-visit list.


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