Aegean Airlines will start flying from Stanstead to Athens from the 15th may 2008Daily flights will depart from Stanstead at 10.20 and 20.00 while the flights from Athens depart at 07.30 and 17.10. The flight times are great especially if you plan to visit Athens for a long weekend.
After you have touched down at Athens, then you will find that getting to the city is no trouble at all, this is because Athens is one of the few cities that has great public transport access to and from the airport.

There are six bus routes that connect the suburbs of Athens and Piraeus with the airport
These buses drop passengers off at the departure area and depart from the airport at the Arrivals area, exits 4 and 5.

The KTEL Express service drops passengers from different parts of the ciry at the Departures area and leaves from the Arrivals level between Exits 2 and 3, opposite the Airport Hotel.

If you don’t fancy the road then the Metro line 3 connects the airport with the city.

You also have the option of the Suburban railway which connects the airport and Athens central station ( Larissis station ) and the Port of Pireaus.

Finally you have the option of taxi or even hire car. Phew! Well done Athens

So now you have reached the city you may need some suggestions on what to see and do. Let’s start the list with undoubtedly the most visited attraction in Athens and one that no visit to the city is complete without visiting.

The Acropolis and its Parthenon.
The Plaka.
This is the oldest part of Athens and is a maze of winding streets at the bottom of the Parthenon where you will find tavernas, shops and also a children’s museum
Lycabettus Hill. From the top of Lycabettus Hill you will get a fantastic view of the city. To get to the top you can take the funicular.
Piraeus. This is the biggest port in Greece and from here you can take some very pleasant walks including Kastella where you will find some beautiful houses and some great views as the area is on hill. Why not enjoy a glass of Ouzo and some seafood at one of the taverns in Microlimano
Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon. This is one of the most favourite tours in Athens and you can pre book at discounted rates through us

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It’s always nice to know a few words of the language so I hope these phrases get you off on the right track.

Good morning

Good afternoon/evening

Good night



How are you?
Ti kanis?

Poli kala

Thank you

You are welcome/please




What’s your name?
Pos se lene?

My name is…
Me lene…

Do you speak English?
Milas Anglika?

I don’t understand
Den Katalaveno

I want…

How much is it?
Poso kani

Bill please
To logarismo parakalo

Words to use if you know the city better than the taxi driver



Enjoy your stay in Athens

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