Visiting museums is almost always part of any travel itinerary, and most of you who have been to different countries are perhaps used to walking inside world-class institutions that house some of the greatest art works ever made. Mostly grand and usually requires one’s best behavior, museums are places of class and beauty.

While museums like the Louvre of MoMa are indeed, must-visit places, there are still other entertaining museums in the world that will allow you to have a memorable time exploring. To change things a bit, how about thinking of the ones that are not exactly conventional? Here are some of the world’s strangest and weirdest museums, which will surely entertain and educate all visitors.


SPAM Museum (United States)

This is one of America’s most favorite canned meat, and with the role it played in World War II (it was largely consumed during this time, as fresh meat is not easily accessible to the soldiers), this beloved meat product deserves a place where it’s the main attraction. The Spam Museum could be found in Austin, Minnesota–it is here where you can learn more about its history and significance. Lots of amazing SPAM items also await.


Museum of Bad Art (United States)

The saying “it’s so bad, it’s good” is particularly applicable to this museum. Bad art deserves time, too, and it’s in Boston, Massachusetts where you will see works with bad coloring, awkward shapes, and strange angles that don’t really work.


Leeds Castle Dog Collar Museum (United Kingdom)

If you have a dog, you will most likely be interested in this Leeds museum, which features nothing but dog collars. Collars as old as the Medieval age rate exhibited here, so you’ll be in for an interesting tour.


British Lawnmower Museum (United Kingdom)

Yes, you read it right. There is actually a museum that pays homage to a household item that most of us may have taken for granted all our lives. Try visiting this museum to change your mind and see how important and utterly amazing lawnmowers could actually be.


Paris Sewer Museum (France)

Just came from seeing exquisite works of art at Musee d’Orsay? Just marveled at the Mona Lisa at the Louvre? This is a place where you can challenge yourself to go next. What you’ll find in this museum are things like sewer maps and stuffed rats. Make sure you visit this last, as the smell could linger for quite a while.


Museum of Crutches (Azerbaijan)

“I just visited the Crutches Museum in Azerbaijan!” –posting this on Facebook may confuse all your friends, but what if you really did? This museum came from the idea that this town had healing qualities, and those who came here disabled left whole again, and left their crutches behind.


Do you have any more strange museums in mind? If you do, share them with us, for we’ll never get tired of the weird! More trippy and bizarre places are most welcome—the stranger, the better!

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