Hello All Again!

Your travel bug Larry D. Lucky is speaking :)

After we’ve gotten positive feedback from our clients I’ve decided to tell more about DHR.com’s twitter campaign sweet retweet.

Even if you are not on twitter, you’ll learn how to use it quickly. The prize is weekly $150 and it is 100% fair because we also have voting on facebook. This is in order to prevent automatic scheduled retweets.

1 – Following Dhr.com

Just click follow and wait for the tweets with #dhrcom.


2- Retweeting

Just click retweet button

Retweet is done.

3- Which tweets?

10 tweets will be posted weekly from Monday to Friday. The ones with #dhrcom hashtag will be retweeted.

4- How to find all tweets?

go to http://search.twitter.com/advanced

Write dhrcom to the hashtag part.

Write dhrcom into “People” bar.

Choose the dates of the week.

Just click search.

Click view tweet.

This screen will come and just click retweet.

To retweet all 10 tweets is 2 or 3 minutes period. So don’t be afraid to enter :)


Enter http://facebook.com/dhrcom

Click Sweet Retweet tab on facebook.

Want votes from your friends!

On Monday at 09:30 GMT+2 voting period ends.

This will repeat, please do not hesitate to ask any question about it. My job is helping travellers!

Good Luck!

Larry D. Lucky

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