Looking for a paradise on earth may seem like a cliché, but sometimes there is just nothing to describe a place better than comparing it with something so magnificent, something we don’t see every day. Case in point: beaches that have the most breathtaking views, and scenic locations that are simply staggering.

The Tanah Lot Temple or the Pura Tanah Lot (which roughly translates to “a small island floating on the sea”), is a Balinese Hindu temple at the Beraban countryside at the sub-district of Kediri and the Tabanan Regency. It is situated on top of a large rock that has been shaped by ocean tides and erosions since thousands of years ago. It is believed to be discovered in the 16th century by a priest named Nirartha, and legend says that there are sea snakes that serve as the temple’s guides for thousands of years. The view from this temple is just spectacular, especially during sunset, when the sky burns with the deepest red and the most astonishing shades of orange and yellow envelope the horizon, making silhouettes out of the rocks and temples.

This place may be filled with tourists all year round, but somehow magic could still be found everywhere. To preserve the sacredness of the temple, visitors are not allowed inside the main section. They can, however, great views from so many different spots that will give you a great panoramic shot of the landscape (this is a place frequented by many photographers when in Bali). There are different terraces and cafés that offer a great view.

Aside from the Tanah Lot Temple, there are other attractions in store in Tanah Lot for its visitors. There’s the Tanah Lot beach, with its magnificent view of the bluest sky, sandy shores, and big waves; and the Batu Bolong Temple, which is a beautiful old structure built on rock that has its own small temple yard; or and you can also explore the other temple of Pura Tanah Lot. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can take photos with a snake in the island that is considered holy in Tanah Lot. You may also chance upon the Tanah Lot Temple ceremony done by Hindus showing their faith and devotion.

Because of the successful tourism, many shops, cafés and restaurants grace this place, so you certainly will be able to do some decent dining and shopping. If you wish to fully experience the sunset, you can join some sunset tours that will take you to the spots where you’ll best get that picture-perfect view. The beach is also famous with surfers, so if you want to catch some big waves, this is a great place to go surfing.

A paradise on earth could indeed be experienced in this magnificent place, and despite the growing number of tourists who visit it each year, Tanah lot still maintains its beauty, culture, and splendor. This will truly take you to a whole different world that will remind you that there are still so many places in the world worth exploring.

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