A tour guide holds a microphone, points to several dozen places, takes you to where you’re supposed to eat, where you should shop, and where the important landmarks are located. Surely this is something that is undeniably convenient, and a great way to explore a certain place without having to lift a finger, because basically, you just let them do all the work while you sit and marvel at the new environment around you.

However, sometimes it’s great to explore some places without the help from organized tours. Sometimes it’s better to drive around a place by playing it by ear. So instead of being scared or uneasy to explore a new place, why not go on an adventure without having a concrete plan? Get to know places that tour buses don’t normally pass, visit the spots where you’ll have home-cooked meals made by the locals and not fancy restaurants, and meet people who are on the road like you. Explore like you’ve never explored before.

This is highly possible at The Caucasian Challenge, a drive-your-own-vehicle or motor rally adventure trip that will take you to some of the most unique locations and attractions of different places. The journey will include the following places: Hungary, Bosnia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Nagorno-Karabakh, and Armenia. The organizers of this event assure an adventure like no other, something that is unlike the regular tourism travelers would come across. They say that this trip is a kind of discovery and revelation, for the places that the travelers will encounter some conflict zones (Bosnia, Kosovo, Northern Georgia, and Karabah).

This motor rally requires the least possible assistance, so expect none of the expensive, specialized cars, trucks, or any kind of fancy vehicle. Although there are resources that will help you fix your vehicle in case you get some problems, do know that there will be no fancy checkpoints for this trip. Regarding accommodations, there will be different camps or base hotels prepared. The organizers have surveyed the route in advance, so there will be people who can help you in case something goes wrong. The participants will have a “Road Book” as well, something that will give you some aid when you’re already on the road. It’s your choice on what kind of vehicle you want to bring, but the people from the event suggests a vehicle that is easy and quick to fix.

Since you’ll be visiting lots of amazing places, there will be many ways to reach a goal. The teams of travelers are suggested to try out different types of routes. This year the following teams will be participating: the Arabian Nights (Saudi Arabia), Beer Team (Hungary), Canadian Cougars (Canada), Corto Maltese (Italy), Crazy Canucks (Canada), Dechy emlekcsapat (Hungary), Dirty Harry (Hungary), Equip-Test (Hungary), Good Karma (Poland), Hedonistic Killers (Canada), Motorcycle Dutchies (Netherlands), N.C.C.S (Hungary), Pace Car (Hungary), Pace Car 2 (India), Rabbit Adventures (Hungary), Redworks (Hungary), Team Motoros (Hungary), The Durgas (United States), The Road Blockers (United Kingdom), Topless Gear (United Kingdom), and Union MM (Portugal).

The Caucasian Challenge will begin on August 15, 2011 and finish on August 31, 2011. Participants will begin the trip in Budapest, Hungary and head south in Croatia and the Bosnia-Herzegovina. From here, be prepared to marvel at the following places: scenic mountain roads at Montenegro, Kosovo, then to remote parts in Albania. You will also be crossing the Bosporous channel in Turkey. Then to Georgia which includes the Adjaria, to the high peaks of the Greater Caucasus and the amazing canyons over at the Lesser Caucasus. You will then head to Armenia, around the area of Karabakh, and then cross the finish line in Yerevan, the final stop on the 31st.

All you need to do to be able to participate in this race is a valid driver’s license and or course, a sound mind and body. You must also need to remember that this is a real adventure, which means it’s possible to face dangers in the road and there will be no professional rescue teams available. Remember that you’ll be in lots of remote places, so you must learn how to practice common sense whilst exploring.

The most important thing to remember in this challenge is the chance to discover. Yes, it’s organized but not too organized, for you will have the chance to take on different routes when driving, and you will definitely get to try new things that will make you see how there is so much in store in the lesser known corners of the world.

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