He has written stories that created millions of nightmares for people all over the world. Many consider him as one of the most important and most successful horror writers of his time. He has written 49 books, sold more than 350 million copies of them, and has had many film adaptations of his stories.

Stephen King is all of these things and more, and he’s been writing some of the arguably scariest stories that continue to haunt everyone’s minds. One common thread that links many of his stories is having Maine as his setting. Who will forget Carrie, Dreamcatcher, The Mist, and The Storm of the Century? All of these were set in King’s real-life place.

One of the many attractions in Maine is Stephen King’s house in Bangor. Walking past it could already make your spine tingle—from the wrought iron fence and bat statues and some rumors that it’s actually haunted. This is the kind of place that many fans would actually picture the author’s home—it’s absolutely huge, and since it’s situated in a quiet neighborhood, it could well be considered eerie as well. Built in 1858, this is where so many of King’s stories came from. The first floor is said to be his wife Tabitha’s office, and King uses one of the rear rooms for his writing. Considering how enormous this place is, certainly this is not bad for someone who scares people for a living.

Derry, Maine is a fictional town that King used in many of his stories, and he explained that this fictional place is his portrayal of Bangor. Visitors, especially King’s fans, are encouraged to Visit Bett’s Bookstore and you can buy a map of places both real and fictional in the author’s different works. They also sell different kinds of Stephen King-related items that will surely bring out the geek in everyone.

King started writing at the age of seven. He attended the University of Maine in 1966 and was an active writer in journalism and poetry. After years of writing, King finally got recognition for his work, one of them is Carrie, which many think is the best thing that he has ever written. If you want to go to the place where King was born, you can head over to Portland, Maine.

There is a Stephen King house tour of Maine, and whether you’re a big fan and an avid King reader or is just new to the world of his macabre writings, this will be a delight. By going on the Tommyknockers and More Tour, you will be able to go to places that have appeared in his novels. This tour will show you the “Sematary” from the funeral of Missy Dandridge (where King made a cameo appearance as a minister in the film adaptation), where Ellie saw the Skinny Santa, and the Barrens from It. When going on this tour, however, you must remember that since King and his wife Tabitha still live there, visitors are expected to give them privacy. Thus, this is not the kind of trip where you’ll get to go inside and explore their home. Driving by their home is possible, but that’s basically it.

Aside from King’s house, Maine is also home to many attractions that will delight all visitors. This is a great place to go on adventure trips that is great for family trips. This place also offers a lot of outdoor activities: hunting, cycling, hiking, paddling, sailing, whitewater rafting, and fishing. You’ll enjoy hanging out at the coastal landscape of the Acadia National Park, which also had than 270 bird species such as chickadees and peregrine falcons and mammal species such as the American bullfrog and garter snakes. If a great time under the sun is what you’re looking for, you sure will get that great tan over at the Old Orchard Beach. You can also check out Bar Harbor for many store choices, restaurants and of course, clear waters.

Stephen King books and movies have gained so much respect over the years, and it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon, so rest assured the visitors of this place will get so much bigger. Maine has so much to offer, so you will definitely not have a dull moment here. And why not, you can prepare for this trip by means of reading some parts of the books and watching the movies again. Just make sure you will still be able to sleep at night. And remember: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”!

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