Unique Ios

Known as the most happening of the Greek Islands in terms of lush relaxation and crazy nightlife, Ios shares a fabulous history with its pristine beaches. It’s hard to find anyone over thirty inhabiting this island and hardly any of the venues ever close. Instead of scrambling from cool place to cool place, here are the real places to be for a vacation you won’t forget.
Lord Byron’s Taverna: Offering a vast collection of goat cheeses this restaurant specializes in Greek food. Patrons lounge in shabby-chic style that’s both comfortable and hip while the owners brick aback sits in full view for everyone to admire adding a homey and eclectic touch. Food comes fast and the service is excellent though the prices are a little steeper then average island restaurants but well worth it.
The Octopus Tree: The organic rawness of this restaurant will have you feeling comfortable and purged in seconds as the owners daughter waits on you and serves as your only staff. Don’t worry; she’s very quick and skilled so there will be no waiting for the food which consists of whatever her father and brother caught that day. The Octopus Tree throws out convention in form of a no menu policy and leisurely dinners consistent with island life. Expect food and company to be as laid back as the serving of courses in this gem. Daily the family hangs octopus to dry for consumption later on the tree outside the restaurant giving it its name.
Astra Bar: Serving the best cocktails to savor on the island this upbeat bar serves only the best ingredients, fresh juices and top shelf liquors making the path to drunkenness a well savored and super fun one. The atmosphere welcomes relaxation and low key conversation so make this the last or first stop of your bar hopping night. You’ll be glad you did when you’re enveloped by cushy pillows sipping on a magical unique drink the kind bartender recommended.
Manganari Beach: This exclusive, hidden away beach is a smooth transition in the morning after your night at Astro Bar for relaxation and to get rid of that slow moving hangover. The beach can only be reached by bus or boat so there aren’t many people at any point like any of the more popular Greek Island beaches. Make sure you catch the transportation as it runs at odd hours and can be hard to find when you don’t know where to look for it. Once you’re on the beach you’ll revel at the remarkable clarity of the water and the thin, white sand beaches that are as clean as the ones in paradise travel commercials.
Homers Grave: This is an obvious must-see for any literary or historical buff as the author of two of the most famous works in Greek history. His grave draws many different tourists through the long drive to rural Ios, his mother’s hometown though historians are unsure if he is actually buried under this no named grave marker.

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