Tanzania‘s coastal forests are home to more than 500 endemic plants and more than 30 endemic vertebrates, and plays a very important role in the lives of the people living in this part of the world. The people living in rural communities use the resources in this forest for survival–plants as medicine, water for the villages, and materials for building homes. This forest region was declared a biodiversity hotspot by Conservation International, an organization focusing on ensuring protection of the earth’s ecosystems and biodiversity.

Though these coastal forests are undeniably beautiful and the biodiversity is just so impressive, there is still a threat that hovers over it, creating a deep concern for environmentalists, governments, and of course, the people living in them. Tanzanian coastal forests are being threatened by harmful factors and activities such as illegal logging and charcoal production; a big part of Tanzania’s coastline has suffered deforestation and other harmful activities.

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However, these unfortunate facts does not mean that that whole of the Tanzania coastline is dying. There are still lots of parts in the coastal forest that has been preserved well, and therefore still has a lot of great things to offer visitors. At the southern Tanzanian coastline, about 35 kilometers south of Dar es Salaam lies Ras Kutani, a place that shows a great hope for the area.

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If you’re planning on seeing the beauty of the Tanzania coastline, staying at the Ras Kutani is something that will surely make a memorable trip. This boutique beach retreat is situated on the southern Tanzanian forest, and will allow you to see some amazing biodiversity, and the magic brought by seeing the Indian Ocean.

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Conservationist and owner Charles Dobie is very much concerned about the preservation of these beautiful forests and landscapes, so being here will assure visitors of a great and educational time in exploring some of the best spots of the ecosystem. Aside from the rooms that overlook a beautiful panorama, you will also be able to see unique wildlife like baboons, civet cats, and wild pigs. The forest has more than 130 species of trees such as Marula and Mango, and visitors could also go on an ultimate safari experience.

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There are also options on going in self-guided tours (the “Tree To Tree self-guided tour”) that allows one to explore the area by hiking and finding the wildlife and tree treasure by themselves. There are also so many kinds of wonderful marine creatures such as turtles, dolphins, and whales. Going snorkeling here will be such a fascinating experience.

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If you’re considering going on a trip where the ecosystem is packed with unique flora and fauna, as well as a great enveloping landscapes of the tranquil ocean, this is the place that will give you a memorable experience and more. This is a getaway that will not only rejuvenate, but will also give an education on preservation of the environment as well.

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