Many travelers take in only the greatest and most well known spots in England such as Westminster Abby, Buckingham Palace, and The Tower of London without saving room for diverse, non-cookie cutter spots. In order to explore all a new country has to offer, I’ve highlighted some of the most unique and conversation-starting hubbubs in London to make sure you feel like you get your money’s worth, not a generic run of the mill vacation.
1) Automat: The lovechild of a posh, It-girl restaurant with diner food reaching a level of nostalgic comfort. The open bar adds to the classy, miss-matched atmosphere and eclectic crowd that hover by the door. Go here for lunch after site seeing for supremely scrumptious home cooked food.
2) Pop Boutique: A vintage store for any thrift ready shopaholic to peruse and fall in love with, it boosts clothes from the 50’s up through the 70’s in an array of punk-rockabilly goodness. There’s also no tax on used clothing allowing an unlimited amount of purchases bridled in by only the size of your suitcases. A cheap alternative to London’s designer boutiques.
3) 151: A club known for its blaring pop/rock music and trendy 20-something crowd, it doesn’t attract any of the well-known A-listers in London. The older generation view themselves as too cool for the frothy sugar that comes out of the speakers, but it’s smallness lends to a feeling of exclusivity while still having tons of clean fun. A good place to stop by with friends and enjoy a unique club experience without the crush of claustrophobic bodies.
4) Sir John Soane’s Museum: An architect who opened up his home to the public after his death, his exclusive and thought provoking art collection lends a touch of class to any day trip. His house serves as the museum and is popular with the locals, but slightly unknown to most tourists angling towards school field trips during the week. If enjoyed on a Saturday you’ll experience crowd free spaces as well as free admission.

Planning for a trip entails not only meticulous scheduling of expenses, but a limited amount of time in which to invest the money that allows for a solid, fun trip overseas. By traveling away from the touristy attractions and harnessing an inner adventurer it becomes easier to save money and save time wadding through ridiculous lines and custom tours. Walk away from a trip feeling culturally fulfilled without dipping into a retirement fund and explore London without fear. You’ll be glad on the plane ride home when you saved enough money to make another trip.

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