I’ve just spent five fantastic days exploring the stunning temples at Angkor in Cambodia. I traveled to Siem Reap from Thailand on a small bus which was not the most comfortable experience I have ever had but it was cheap and we got there in one piece just !!I was staying at a lovely and cheap hotel which was just a short walk from the centre of Siem Reap.

I spent the next day exploring the areas of the Angkor Wat complex. There are so many temples over such a large area so you need to hire a tuk-tuk or taxi is which was pretty cheap and easy to do and there are so many tourists in Siem Reap you can always find others looking to head to Ankor Wat. I started out early around 7:30 for the ancient city of Angkor Thom which runs along Ankor Wat and started with the Bayon temple.

This temple, has181 faces and is just stunning. To get there, you need to cross over the most fantastic bridge which stretches over a large moat leading up to the South Gate. On either side of the bridge are the most amazing statues which are still very well preserved. I then visited the Baphuon and Phimeanakas temples, and walked along the Terrace of the Elephants which was just lovely. I then went to Ta Keo, which is probably the tallest of the temples. The climb to the top is not for the faint hearted as it’s very steep but once you get to the top then the view is certainly worth it as it is just breath taking.

A short walk from Ta Keo is where the most popular temple is, the temple of Ta Phrom. This temple was left abandoned for many centuries and the jungle had completely covered the entire area, and it was only discovered last century. Some of the scenes from the Tomb Raider film were shot here, many of the roots from the tree coves and intertwines with the temple making it a very magical looking place.

By this time I’d had enough of exploring for the day and decided to leave the temples of Angkor Wat until the following day as I was shattered from the walking and the heat didn’t help.

That evening, I headed out for dinner I managed to find a great little restaurant that served an amazing range of food ranging from the normal foods of chicken and pork through to the more bizarre such as python and a lovely array of bugs ….I myself had a lovely meal of  Cambodian Curry with my favorite sticky  rice yum !!

The following day I headed to Angkor Wat itself, which was just gorgeous, the area is surrounded by huge moats, and inside its walls were large ponds filled to the brim with big water-lilies, which were beautiful and in flower. The carvings which cover the walls telling ancient stories and myths were just as I thought they would be which was nothing more than spectacular. I spent a lovely afternoon walking around the temple but unfortunately the weather being as it is decided to pour down and I had to leave and head back to Siem Reap not before getting soaking wet.

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