Have you ever been in those kinds of tours in other countries where the ones with the orange stickers will have to stick together? Where being part of a straight line is required in order for you to not get lost? Traveling with a group could be fun, but sometimes you have to explore a place by yourself in order for you to fully experience it.

Below are some of the places in the world that are best for traveling alone.


If you want to have the best religious and cultural experience, go to India. Exploring the great holy places such as the Taj Mahal and the river Ganges will make a truly special experience. Being around the temples and mosques will give you that quiet alone time you’ve always needed.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is great for solo travelers because it has so many structures (such as the Astronomical Clock Charles Bridge) that deserve a closer look. If you go here alone, you will not have any difficulty worrying about whether the people you’re with are bored.

New York City

NYC is already hyper and full of energy as it is, so having people with you could be difficult sometimes. If you want to skip the part where you’ll lose your companion/s on the way to the subway or if you simply want to go to Strawberry Fields at Central park alone, you should definitely try exploring the Big Apple by yourself.


Ibiza’s one of the liveliest party places in the world, and going here alone will surely make you meet a lot of new people. Also, you won’t need to worry about a friend throwing up at the wee hours of the morning.

Rome, Italy

It’s true that this place is one of the most romantic countries in the world, but it’s also possible for one to enjoy Rome alone. Visiting Rome requires a lot of walking, and if you want to slowly explore The Colosseum or the Pantheon, it’s best if you do it without a companion. You may have problems with finishing that huge Italian pizza, though.

Dublin, Ireland

Don’t think you’ll finish that pint of Guinness in a lonely corner of a pub—there are many places that are full of life that you might find yourself sharing a pint or two with friendly locals. You can go hiking in the Mourne Mountains, explore the Dublin and Blarney Castles, and see how beer is made over at the Guinness Brewery as well.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is a backpacker-friendly place, and aside from the great accommodations, you’ll surely have the best time exploring its streets. Have the time of your life catching waves at Bondi Beach, go to the best cafés in Glebe, or watch great concerts at the Sydney Opera House.


The variety of activities in South America could not be always suitable for a group traveling together. Aside from Machu Picchu, you can have the best time exploring the floating islands of Lake Titicaca and walking along the great city of Lima.


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