Every tourist knows that NYC is the place to be for top fashions at deluded prices. Some people come from all over to partake of the fashionpoloza that is thrift store street. Some of the best trends can be found picking through their racks and it better be good pickings with the amount of people who travel to the fashion mecca just because it’s supposed to have the crème de le crème of one of a kind vintage pieces. Here are the crème de le crème of stores for the tourist who has limited time but wants unlimited value for their buck.
1) Housing Works: A great place to find slightly used household goods and furniture their pickup and delivery hours are flexible enough that taking a piece home with you becomes just as easy as picking it out and saying “I want that!” There are some wonderful finds especially for menswear and suits. Skip going to a designer boutique and come here for smashing suits and ties at half the cost and twice the charm.
2) Repop: This shop boasts a ninety five percent used vibe offering personal home consultation guaranteeing a unique look without the time consuming effort of hunting for a find. Everything has been organized and grouped for easy finding and the range of knick knacks is astounding though by no means tacky or cheap. There are window displays and an art show every other month making for a fun, chic shopping experience.
3) Tokyo 7: A one stop shop for some of the best classic and up in coming fashion designers, this shop makes finding anything simple with their complete organization and never ending racks of fabric. Also know to house vintage glam gems from bygone days which gradually come back in style. A must for any shopping junkie visiting the city for the day.
4) Beacons Closet: Allowing for a fun shopping experience this neon signed vintage and ultra modern style adds a little sophistication to a shopping experience. It was named best thrift store by several newspapers in the city and still considered the “it” place to go for unique fashion trends.
5) Angel Street Thrift: The man who owns this shop turns over the entire inventory seasonally allowing for a fresh funk into a used store. All the proceeds go to families fighting HIV/ Aids allowing your superior find to impact someone else in a wonderful way. They call themselves “from the sublime to the ridiculous” and there is no arguing that their style doesn’t miss the mark.

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