Singapore is the world’s fourth leading financial center, and is home to one of the world’s busiest ports.  This affluent country has Chinese, Malay, Indian and Western influences, which have resulted in diverse and interesting combinations, especially when it comes to food.

Singaporean cuisine springs from its ethnic diversity and is tied closely to their national identity. Some of the most interesting food can be bought from small stalls and street hawkers, but if you’re looking for some restaurants to try, here are a few that are recommended:

  • 328 The Katong  Laksa-  Laksa is spicy noodle soup which comes from the Pernakan culture, which is the mixture of Chinese and Malay elements found in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. If you’re craving hot, sweat-inducing, spicy food, this restaurant might just do the trick.
  • The Din Tai Fung – The Din Tai Fung is considered one of the best restaurants in Singapore which serves dumplings and noodles carefully prepared by chefs visible through the full-length glass of the kitchen.  Some of the dishes worth trying include the simple pork and shrimp dumpling broth and the fried rice.


Japan, popularly known as ‘The Land of The Rising Sun,’ has the world’s 10th largest population and is also one of the safest countries, with the lowest homicide rates in the world. The Japanese have the longest life expectancy of any country in the world, and also has the third lowest infant mortality rate.

Japanese cuisine is distinctive for its emphasis on using fresh, seasonal ingredients. Each region in Japan has its own unique specialties based on locally available crops and fish. An ideal region to try sashimi would be Hokkaido, while Osaka is known for its Okonomiyaki. If you’re planning a trip to Japan, here are some restaurants to try:

  • Sakata- the Sakata in Tokyo is regarded as one of the city’s most classic noodle spots. A recommended dish would be the sanuki udon.
  • Daiwa Sushi- the Daiwa sushi in Tokyo is one of Tsukiji’s most famous sushi bars, waits of over an hour or more are usual in this restaurants, but it’s all worth it once you’ve made it past the curtains and you receive your first piece of sushi.


Thailand lies in the heart of Southeast Asia and is the world’s 50th largest country with a population of around 64 million people, making it the 21st most populous country in the world.

Thai cuisine is known for being spicy and places importance on lightly prepared dishes which have strong aromatic elements. Thai food is also distinctive for its emphasis on balance, detail and variety. It is especially important to balance the five fundamental taste senses in each dish, or in the overall meal: hot (spicy), sour, sweet, salty, and bitter (optional).

Here are some of the recommended restaurants in Thailand:

  • The Blue Elephant- Apart from serving traditional Thai cuisine, the restaurant also features a well-equipped cooking school.
  • Anusan Night Market- Those looking for more exotic fare won’t be disappointed with the Anusan Night Market’s offering, which doesn’t just include food, but shopping as well.
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