The Caribbean islands are a well-known resort vacation destination with its immaculate white-sand beaches, its balmy tropical weather, and a diverse selection of exotic dishes to tickle your taste buds.

Caribbean cuisine was born out of a mixture of African, Amerindian, British, Spanish, French, Dutch, Indian, and Chinese cuisines whose traditions have been brought by its natives from their hometown, and were later on incorporated by the local population.  There is no simple way to describe Caribbean cuisine; you would have to tour the islands to capture the distinct character of each region’s specialty.  If you plan to go on a food trip of the Caribbean, here are some recommended restaurants:

  • The St Germain Bistro and Café is a restaurant that serves Puerto Rican cuisine. Some of the bestsellers of this restaurant include their main-course salads, the paninis, and the good Puerto-Rican coffee.
  • The Paladar La Guardia, located in Havana Cuba, serves Cuban cuisine. One of the restaurant’s bestsellers includes its shrimp starter, the “Pollo asado con miel” and the “Fresa y Chocolate” ice cream for dessert.


The People’s Republic of China is a large country in Eastern Asia, and has the world’s largest population. With a history of over 4,000 years it is also one of the world’s oldest civilizations.

The large variety of Chinese cuisine originates from the grand banquets of dynastic emperors that have been prepared by countless imperial kitchen staff and concubines. Over time, plenty of these dishes have become integrated into the everyday-citizen culture.  Here are some recommended restaurants to try when you’re in China:

  • The Liqun Roast Duck Restaurant in Beijing is so popular you’d have to book a day ahead to get a seat. The restaurant is reputed to serve the best Peking (Beijing) duck in the region.
  • The 1221 restaurant in Shanghai serves Shanghainese cuisine and is known for rave reviews on its excellent food and service. Some of its recommended dishes include braised pork; pan fried sticky rice, and the sweet bean paste.


Peru is a South American country located on the western side of the continent. It is a country known for being the center of the Inca Empire, and an archeological ancestry of the Pre-Columbian cultures. It is also famous for its diverse selection of flavorful dishes.

Peruvian cuisine is a fusion of Amerindian and Spanish food influenced strongly by African, Arab, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese cooking, brought about by the immigrants from these countries who then modified their traditional cuisine by substituting local ingredients for those that they couldn’t find. If you’re in Peru, here are some restaurants to try:

  • The Restaurant Huaca Pucllana stands right next to the ruins and features a terrace which overlooks the main part of the pyramid. The restaurant‘s bestsellers include the seared tuna filet in a Peruvian herb crust with plantains.
  • Jack’s café is reputed to serve the best breakfast in Cuzco, and the long lines attest to that. Their pancakes are a must-try for first-time visitors.
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